Mass Interview: Students, teachers discuss role of relgion in history class

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Students learn about the three Abramic religions in Freshman World History.

by Douglas Abrams

Although religion and history are intertwined, schools often struggle with deciding whether or not to teach about religion. At this school, religion is taught in history class, as well as in English class. Students and teachers discuss their beliefs on the role of religion in the classroom.


“I think that religion can be taught in history class because it is good to know different religions, similar to knowing different cultures,” said science teacher Shu-Yee Chen.

Science teacher Kevin Brosnan said, “Religion should be taught in history class because it is part of society, and it is healthy to know about other people.”

Special education teacher Bob MacDougall said, “Religion should be taught in history class because it is part of history.”


Alyssa Kaplan said, “I think that the way that they teach religion in history class is fine as long as it stays educational.”

Izzy Meigs said, “I think that it is perfectly acceptable if it is taught objectively, but only as a means to to understand historical events.”


Evan Nitkin said, “Religion should be taught because it is really important to know about other people’s cultures and it helps you interact with different people.”

Adrita Arefin said, “I think that religion should be taught in history class so that people can be more open minded and not judge people based on bad occurrences such as 9/11.”


Hunter Triplett said, “When religion is taught in history class, it is educational.”

Alex Shames said, “It can be taught, just not in a way that demands you to be that religion.”

Emily Clott said, “Yes, you can, because it is a big part of history, but it needs to be done objectively,”


Angelo Rice said, “It gives people perspectives on different ways of thinking, but it should not be taught too heavily, and should not be taught with bias.”

Anna Ellison said, “I think religion should be taught. It is important to know about others’ beliefs, and religion really influences history.”

Noah Carlen said, “I feel that it is necessary for religion to be taught because ot is a vital part of history.”