Congressman Joe Kennedy visits school

Congressman Joe Kennedy toured the school E-block yesterday. He visited students and teachers involved in vocational programs and science classes around the school, and listened to presentations of student projects.

Body Confidence Day: Panelists share experiences with eating disorders

Five panelists who have either recovered from eating disorders or have had family members with eating disorders presented their stories yesterday B-block in the Little Theatre. The presentation was a part of Body Confidence Day, which was organized by seniors Kelsey Fox and Bethany Lehman. The panelists have requested to keep their last names private.

Body Confidence Day: Nutritionist discusses healthy diets and tips for students

Health coach Susan Altman spoke D-block yesterday in the Auditorium as a part of Body Confidence Day. She had a visual presentation that she used to structure her discussion. She began by introducing herself and describing her education at Trinity College and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She said that she had also studied the psychological side of nutrition and eating disorders as well.