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Viewpoint: Sophomore recounts summer in Beijing

The Newtonite September 12, 2012
by Nicky Kaufman Seven years ago I left Beijing after my father served a three year posting there for his job. From age five to age eight, I called the city my home. Ever since I left, I longed to go back.

Viewpoint: Day of Silence helps participants' understanding, makes silence visible

The Newtonite April 27, 2012
by Leah Budson Some might say that silence cannot echo through hallways. One day a year, however, silence takes a stand to scream against the inequality found in our society.

Viewpoint: Gay-Straight Alliance member explains labels, stereotypes

The Newtonite March 8, 2012
by Leah Budson Labels surround us, inscribed on the clothes we wear, apparent in the words we speak. Everyone is subject to society’s stereotyping. People use as little as people's voice or clothing to decide their sexual orientations.

Viewpoint: Debate team captain reflects on experiences

The Newtonite February 10, 2012
by Abby Holtzman It is 7 p.m on a Tuesday evening, and the lights in a second floor classroom snap on as I open the door. I remember two years ago, when the debate team met in a crumbling corner of the old building. We would perch on the radiator and yell at each other. We would stand up, turn red and speak about justice, democracy and John Locke.

Viewpoint: Secretary-general reflects on four years of participation in Model United Nations

The Newtonite February 2, 2012
by Gabe Dreyer This school's Model United Nations club sends delegates to several college conferences every year. These conferences are conducted by college students, and high schoolers from around the world come to debate, interact and make lasting friends with each other.

Viewpoint: Freshman writes about homophobia

The Newtonite March 8, 2011
by Molly Dalzell I must have been six when I first learned what it meant to be homophobic.
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