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Topics in American Education: No size fits all

The Newtonite October 23, 2013
Anyone who has read multiple installments of my blog likely realizes that I strongly oppose a “one size fits all” approach to education, which simply mean that the world is too intellectually diverse for education to be strictly regulated. I have applied this concept to standardized testing and grading systems, but I start to wonder how different the way our minds react to intellectual stimulation really is from the way we express ourselves emotionally. I guess all of the emotional responses that have been going around—mourning the deaths of two community members and attending another anti-bullying home room a couple weeks back—fall under the umbrella of emotional education, a type of learning that we respond to as variably as we respond to our academics.

Topics in American Education: The ethics behind SAT testing

The Newtonite September 16, 2013
This year, my major goal for this blog is to provide topics with nationwide significance using examples that pertain to this school. Or maybe worldwide. But then I’d have to think of a new name for this blog.

Topics in American Education: The mysterious case of unilingual graduates

The Newtonite February 28, 2013
Different students tend to approach their secondary education from different angles––some see high school as a necessary step to get into their top-choice college. Others see these four years as (shocker!) a time during which they learn skills in their classes that have long-term benefits, regardless of the next step in their schooling.
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