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NNHS Working Group adds anti-bias lessons in anti-bullying curriculum revision

NNHS Working Group adds anti-bias lessons in anti-bullying curriculum revision

Sophia Zhou November 3, 2017

Based on feedback from students and staff, the March and September homeroom anti-bullying curriculum is being revised by the NNHS Working Group to incorporate anti-bias lessons. According to senior Maya...

Topics in American Education: No size fits all

The Newtonite October 23, 2013
Anyone who has read multiple installments of my blog likely realizes that I strongly oppose a “one size fits all” approach to education, which simply mean that the world is too intellectually diverse for education to be strictly regulated. I have applied this concept to standardized testing and grading systems, but I start to wonder how different the way our minds react to intellectual stimulation really is from the way we express ourselves emotionally. I guess all of the emotional responses that have been going around—mourning the deaths of two community members and attending another anti-bullying home room a couple weeks back—fall under the umbrella of emotional education, a type of learning that we respond to as variably as we respond to our academics.

Column: NNHS Compliments fosters sense of community

The Newtonite January 10, 2013
by Connor Vasu While debating the pros and cons of Facebook, cyberbullying is routinely brought up as a negative, which is one reason the school banned Facebook in the past.

Students start NNHS Compliments to combat bullying

The Newtonite December 19, 2012
by Julia Oran This school has been working hard to combat bullying, whether online or in person, through in school activities including extended homeroom and presentations, such as Rachel’s Challenge.

Column: Anti-bullying curriculum must change

The Newtonite November 13, 2012
by Connor Vasu Bullying is an issue that must be addressed, but the anti-bullying curriculum does not hit on the key problems and concerns of students.

Faculty members revise anti-bullying curriculum over summer

The Newtonite September 5, 2012
by Samantha Libraty Over the summer, a group of faculty members revised the anti-bullying curriculum, which was implemented at this school last year, according to Beals housemaster Michelle Stauss.

Students attend Rachel's Challenge presentation

The Newtonite October 18, 2011
by Ryan Condon and Steven Michael Rachel’s Challenge, a program that is part of this school’s anti-bullying initiative, was presented to all students yesterday in the gym. Sponsored by the Newton Partnership, the presentation described what happened on April 20, 1999, when two students armed with guns and pipe bombs attempted to bomb the Columbine cafeteria and then began shooting at students and faculty.

Bully-proof: Schools create prevention plan

The Newtonite September 30, 2011
by Samantha Libraty To comply with the new anti-bullying laws passed in Massachusetts, the School Committee adopted a new anti-bullying curriculum that will be incorporated into classes and school-wide events throughout the year, according to Beals housemaster Michelle Stauss.

Teachers address bullying

The Newtonite July 29, 2011
by Samantha Libraty Beginning in September, a new anti-bullying curriculum will be incorporated throughout the school year in accordance with the new anti-bullying laws passed in Massachusetts, according to Brenda Keegan, a former English department head at this school and former deputy superintendent.
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