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Argument Clinic: Should Advanced Placement classes be the norm for sophomores?

The Newtonite December 21, 2012
by Alex Feit and Kristian Lundeberg This blog is dedicated to point-counterpoint discussion on various topics related to current events. These discussions include everything from interpreting school policies to developments on the national political stage. This week, the duo is debating whether or not this school should expand Advanced Placement classes to sophomores. Kristian argues in the affirmative, while Alex argues in the negative.

Changes to AP Biology curriculum stress inquiry

The Newtonite November 30, 2012
by Malini Gandhi In the past, Advanced Placement science lab instructions have read a bit like recipes in a step-by-step cookbook. To observe osmosis in action, (1) put a potato in set concentrations of sucrose, (2) measure the change in mass overnight, (3) clean up, (4) done.

New program supports, mentors black students

The Newtonite October 17, 2012
by Julia Oran Former English teacher Inez Dover said that when she was a teacher at this school, she always tried to encourage black students to take honors and Advanced Placement English classes because when her daughters attended this school, they complained that they were the only black student in their honors classes.

Modified schedule creates new opportunities

The Newtonite October 12, 2012
by Gloria Li “If Newton North hadn’t allowed us to take classes there then I would not have been able to continue taking Chinese this year, so I enjoy this new opportunity,” said South senior Jenny Kaufman, who takes Advanced Placement Chinese at this school.

Satire: Study shows Honors, Advanced Placement courses determine afterlife options

The Newtonite May 18, 2012
by Jacob Schwartz Time to stock up on some challenging courses for next semester. It just might get you into Heaven
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