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Senior Plans

        Many seniors’ college decision process was especially difficult this year due to the uncertainty of the fall semester in light of COVID-19 pandemic. Many colleges have yet to release their plans for the fall, extending the deadline for seniors to make their decision.

        Because of the Newtonite’s annual senior plans list only includes seniors who have made their decision and formally submitted it to the guidance department. Any student absent from the list either did not finalize their decision before graduation or did not submit it. If any senior’s name is missing, and they wish to have their decision added, they may email the Newtonite at [email protected].


Abbott, Kendra—Hamilton College 
Aleksanyan, Emiliya—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Alexander, Caroline—Colby College 
Andreae, Thomas—Macalester College
Ankori, Or-El—Muhlenberg College (Gap Year)
Ansty, Leah—University of Massachusetts, Boston
Arapi, Nedim—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Arbuckle, Rory—Boston University
Arpino, Katherine—Wentworth Institute of Technology 
Axon, Katharine—University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Bacanurschi, Maria—McGill University
Bailey, Ella—Scripps College
Bailey, Taylor—Temple University
Balcanoff, Samantha—Howard University 
Baldon, Jordyn—Lasell University
Barber, Dylan—The Winchendon School 
Bastieiev, Illia—University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Belcher, Pierre—University of Massachusetts, Boston 
Bennett, Emily—Wesleyan University
Benninger, Katherine—University of Rochester 
Bertolami, Isabella—The University of Tampa
Best, Kelsey—University of Wisconsin, Madison
Bindman, Rachel—Brandeis University 
Blumkin, Ariel—Washington University in St Louis 
Bonilla, Andrea—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Bonilla, Viviana—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Bosco, Julia—Clark University 
Bostwick, Tessa—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Bowman, Meredyth—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor  
Brain, Zachary—University of Vermont 
Bronstein, Lucy—Bates College (Gap year)  
Brown, Dejan—McGill University 
Brown, Joseph—Salem State University 
Buras, Jennifer—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Burke, Thomas—University College Dublin 
Burton, Emily—Lasell University 
Burton, Sage—Pratt Institute, Main 
Butera, Jana—Massachusetts College of Art and Design 
Butler, Taylor—Merrimack College
Byers, John Ryan—Brown University


Caira, Thomas—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Calcagni, Alessio—Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 
Campione, Francesco—Fitchburg State University 
Cao, Samantha—Babson College 
Capello, James—Bryant University 
Carr, Caitlin—Massachusetts College of Art and Design 
Carter, Charlotte—Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Chan, Andre—Suffolk University 
Chan, Jared—Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Chango-Gassett, Timothy—University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus 
Chao, Hao-Chuan—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Chen, Gabriella—Bentley University 
Chen, Le—University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 
Chen, Tiffany—Simmons University 
Chittilappilly, Aneel—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Choi, Esther—Boston University 
Chu, Carmen—Boston University 
Connors, Mia—Ithaca College 
Cooper, Nolan—Fairfield University 
Copley, George—Case Western Reserve University 
Coughlin, Riley—New York University 
Cox, Emily—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Craig, Andrew—University of Colorado, Boulder 
Crook, Caroline—Fairfield University 
Cuddy, Jonah—Berklee College of Music
Cunningham, Mackenzie—University of Maine 


D’Alleva, Sophia—Worcester State University 
Dallaire, Robert—University of Massachusetts, Lowell 
Dames-Hill, TreyVaughn—University of New Haven 
Dardy, Ahmani—University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 
Davis, Emma—Wesleyan University 
Davis, Julia—Duke University 
Davis, Leyla—Carnegie Mellon University 
Davis-Morin, Emily—United States Coast Guard Academy 
Day, Isabella—George Washington University 
Delmonico, Peter—Boston College 
Depina, Dayla—St. John’s University 
Dietl, Madison—University of Virginia, Main Campus 
Dilworth, Alexander—Boston College 
Divo, Daniela—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Donnelly, Ethan—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Donovan, Corey—Rice University 
Dorval, Nathan—University of Rhode Island 
Dover, Sophia—University of Connecticut 
Drake, Nicholas—Wesleyan University  
Duong, Jasmine—Northeastern University 


Elder, Natalie—University of Miami
Emenaker, Gavin—Endicott College


Fair, Caitlyn—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Falchuk, Jacob—Boston College 
Fallon, Matthew—Fairfield University 
Fan, Melton—University of California, San Diego 
Feldman, Raphael—Boston University
Ferguson, Emelia—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Fisher, Elizabeth—New York University 
Fitzgerald, Jack—Northeastern University 
Flaumenhaft, James—Middlebury College 
Foley, Colin—Tulane University
Forbes, Jacob—College of William and Mary
Franco Osorio, Kimberly—Massachusetts Bay Community College 
Frankel, Jeremy–Lafayette College
Frankel, Stephanie—University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus 
Franklin, Sophia—Cornell University 


Gardner, Claire—Northwestern University 
Gately, Anna—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Geer, Elsa—George Washington University 
Gelfand, Sophie—George Washington University 
Gentile, Sophia—U. S. Army 
Gershberg, Jake—Syracuse University
Ghannam, Alyson—Cosmix School of Beauty Sciences
Giannakopoulos, Ilias—Northeastern University 
Gillen, Ciara—Occidental College 
Gillihan, Ruth—Gap Year
Gilpin, Gabrielle—University of Virginia, Main Campus 
Gisholt, Diego—University of Massachusetts, Boston 
Goldstein, Zoe—Oberlin College   
Gonzalez Monroig, Cristina—Simmons University 
Gordon, Rose—Skidmore College
Gorelik, Dina—Brandeis University 
Graham, Josephine—Whitman College 
Griggs, Dagny—Connecticut College 
Grossman, Dina—George Washington University 
Grossman, Joshua—University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Gubert, Mariana—Massachusetts Maritime Academy 
Gulley, Declan—University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Halloran, Liisa—Occidental College
Hargens, Grayson—Brewster Academy 
Harris Welsh, Christina—Husson University
Harrison, Nicole—Roanoke College
Herlihy, Austen—Northeastern University 
Hodgson, Timothy—Merrimack College
Horn, Noam—Clark University 
Horsburgh, Ian—Pomona College 
Hosford, Claire—Lesley University 
Hrycyszyn, Sofia—University of Chicago 
Huang, Jenny—Smith College 
Huber, Nadia—University of Vermont 
Huntington, Eliza—University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus 


Isselbacher, Henry—University of California, Berkeley 
Ivanov, Alexander—Carnegie Mellon University 


Jacks, Olivia—Harvard University 
Jackson-Saitz, Tatiana—University of Chicago 
Jampel, Serena—Harvard University
Jang, Yunah—Colby College
Jauniskis, Sophia—Simmons University 
Jiang, Hefi—Babson College 
Johnson, Charles—Drexel University 
Johnson-Green, Saul—University of Massachusetts, Lowell 
Johnston, Maxwell—Brandeis University
Jonas-Walsh, Catherine—New York University 
Jurman, Ally—American University 


Kadambi, Raghav—Colby College 
Kadis, Riley—Gap Year 
Kang, Gabriel—Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Karim, Tara—Dartmouth College 
Kazarian, Sarah—University of Maryland, College Park 
Kelsey, Alexander—McGill University 
Khurana, Jai—Harvard University
Kimball, Lydia—The University of Tampa 
King, Alana—Denison University 
King, Jaeden—University of Massachusetts, Lowell 
Klein, Aidan—Elon University 
Kolaczyk, Sara—Boston University 
Kolodney, Alex—Sarah Lawrence College 
Krajewski, Nicholas—University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Krieger, Isaac—Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Kronberg, Zoe—Spelman College 
Kuechen, Maximilian—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Kuo, Ethan—University of California, Irvine
Kusiak, Anna—Colby College 
Kutikov, Samuel—University of Vermont 


Lamont, Mia—University of Vermont 
Landry, Andrew—Boston College
Lau, Roxanne—Regis College 
Le, Thao-Vy—Northeastern University 
Leaper, Victoria—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
LeBrun, Eric—Massachusetts Bay Community College
Lee, Michelle—University of Vermont
Leikind, Noah—Brandeis University 
Lerou, Ella—Boston College
Lev, Joshua—Northwestern University 
Li, Amy—Brandeis University 
Li, Andrew—Brandeis University
Li, Kaiwen—Boston University 
Li, Yingxin—Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Liddell, Rebecca—Skidmore College 
Lindstrom, Evan—California Institute of the Arts 
Lipchin, Jessica—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Littlefield, Shumita—Boston University 
Liu, Eugene—Princeton University
Liu, Jonathan—New York University
Lobel, Maya—Boston University 
Loewy, Eden—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Long, Amelie—Suffolk University
Longo, Joshua—Northeastern University
Longo, Rebecca—College of William and Mary
Love, William—University of New Hampshire, Main Campus
Low, Stephanie—Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Lowe, Tobermory—University of Vermont
Luo, Xi—University of Southern California 
Lyon, Charlotte—Skidmore College


Macht, Charlotte—University of Miami 
Maclean, Alexander—Massachusetts Bay Community College 
Maddams, Samuel—Tufts University 
Mangada, Marlow—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Manning, Sara—Harvard University 
Manzella, Elena—University of Toronto 
Marré, Anabel—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Marshall, Charles—Champlain College 
Martin, Jaden—Nichols College 
Matt, Heidi—University of Massachusetts, Amherst  
McCarthy, Kathryn—Colorado College 
McCarthy, Marguerite—Duke University 
McCormick, Cecilia—University of California, Los Angeles 
McDonald, Carolyn—Smith College
McEachern, John—Georgetown University 
McNally, Ella—Colby College 
Medin, Alyssa—St. Olaf College
Membrino, Philip—Washington University in St. Louis
Mercado-Guerrero, Joseph—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Merrick, Elizabeth—Bridgewater State University 
Michel, Jonah—Northwestern University 
Miller, Ilana—Wesleyan University 
Miller, Lauren—Colgate University
Minsky, Henry—New York University 
Mohy El Din, Karl—University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 
Molinari, Mei—Brown University 
Monet-Viera, Jonah—Boston University 
Morales, Giovanni—Johnson & Wales University, Providence 
Morfin-Beltran, Anamaris—Lesley University 
Morrill, Michela—Sacred Heart University 
Motoyama, Hikaru—Macalester College 
Munier, Della—Boston University
Murphy, Carter—Drexel University
Muyinda-Nsadhu, Mathew—Rochester Institute of Technology


Natale-Short, Benjamin—University of Maryland, College Park 
Needham, Margaret—Smith College (Gap Year) 
Nichols, Joshua—Lasell University
Nicolazzo, Danielle—The University of Tampa
Nielsen, Matthew—Northwestern University 
Norton, Andrew—Boston College 


O’Brien, Rachel—Hamilton College
O’Hanley, Colby—Syracuse University 
O’Neil, Lila—Clemson University 
Ormenaj, Orest—University of Massachusetts, Boston
Ortiz, Joshua—Framingham State University 
Ozer-Gortikov, Samuel—George Washington University


Pan, Emily—California Institute of Technology 
Patriacca, Michaela—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Patten, Macy—Merrimack College 
Pazmino, Oliver—University of Massachusetts, Lowell 
Penn, Leah—Howard University
Peters, Anyaa—Bridgewater State University 
Picariello, Michela—College of Charleston 
Pinto, Joshua—University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus 
Pollack, Boden—Wake Forest University
Poon, Johnny—The University of Tampa 
Pratt, Mikaela—Xavier University 


Rabinowitz, Maya—Muhlenberg College 
Rahilly, Anna—Davidson College 
Rather, Imani—Saint Joseph’s University 
Ravina, Sophie—Colgate University 
Redmond, Amanda—University of Vermont 
Regan, James—University of New Hampshire, Main Campus 
Reider, Benjamin—University of California, Santa Cruz 
Reyes, Jason—University of New Hampshire, Main Campus 
Richard, Matthew—The Ohio State University 
Richmond, Eli—Tufts University 
Rigoli, Kayla—Lehigh University 
Roach, Ladriel—Brandeis University
Roberts-Cryts, Abigail—The University of Tampa  
Rogan, Catherine—Simmons University 
Rooney, Kate—The University of Texas at Austin 
Rougeaux, Darcy—Trinity College Dublin
Rousseau, Lily—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Ryan, Katherine—University of Maine 


Salkever, Charlie—Princeton University 
Salvatore, Casey—The University of Tampa
Santos, Jennifer—U. S. Army 
Saouli, Lara—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Saralidze, Nicholas—Case Western Reserve University 
Schaefer, Maxwell—SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry 
Schrager, Samantha—Emerson College 
Schultz, Johana—Boston College 
Schurgin, Joel—University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Sellke, Amanda—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Shetty, Vishaan—Northeastern University 
Shi, Andrew—Brandeis University
Shore, John—University of Maryland, College Park 
Shoura, Omar—Northeastern University 
Silvia, Lucas—University of New Haven 
Simpson, Elias—Principia College
Singer, Chloe—Fordham University
Sisson, Vandrey—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Skelly, Amar—Framingham State University 
Smalls, Aaliyah—University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth 
Soehle, Andrew—Johnson & Wales University, Providence 
Sox, Theo—Georgia Institute of Technology, Main Campus 
Spetter-Goldstein, Rachel—George Washington University 
Spiegel, Brianna—Boston University 
Spotswood, Emerson—Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Staunton, Aoife—University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Steele, Griffin—Bowdoin College 
Steinberg, Hannah—Wesleyan University 
Steinberg, Isabella—Lehigh University
Steinbok, Maximillian—Employment Abroad 


Takeoka, Kenichiro—Brandeis University 
Tang, Jennifer—University of Delaware 
Tanowitz, Benjamin—University of Maryland, College Park 
Teixeira Da Silva, Helena—Washington University in St Louis 
Teszler, Jacob—Colby College 
Thakkar, Yesha—Georgia Institute of Technology, Main Campus 
Thavanati, Lasya—Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Theophanis, Alexander—University of Florida
Thurber, Eleanor—Syracuse University 
Tocci, Olivia—James Madison University 
Trieu, Vy—Boston University 
Truslow, John—Rochester Institute of Technology 
Tuozzolo, Nicholas—University of Colorado, Boulder


Vallabh, Amit—University of Virginia, Main Campus
Van Alstyne, Alexander—Northeastern University 
Verdone, Zoe—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Vogel, Charlotte—University of California, Davis 


Waldor, Maya—Colby College 
Wallace, Francesca—Merrimack College 
Walsh, Sean—University of Massachusetts, Boston
Walsh, Theodore—Rochester Institute of Technology 
Wang, Iris—Boston University 
Weaver, Casey—Tufts University 
Weylman-Farwell, Anna—Bates College 
Weylman-Farwell, Nicholas—Bates College 
White, Benjamin—University of Vermont
Willen, Devin—University of Virginia, Main Campus 
Williams, Douglas—University of Chicago
Wilson-Thayer, Halley—Scripps College 
Winton, Sadie—Hobart William Smith College 
Wolfe, Stella—Massachusetts Bay Community College
Wong, Jocelyn—University of California, Santa Barbara 
Woodward, Samuel—Fairfield University 
Wright, Jacob—University of California, Los Angeles
Wymer, Alexander—Savannah College of Art and Design 


Yang, Sammi—Boston University 
Yang-Schmidt, Lillian—Skidmore College 
Yeung, Samuel—University of Massachusetts, Amherst 
Yu, Shu—Bentley University 


Zenga-Josephson, Hallie—Harvard University 
Zhao, Christina—Harvard University 
Zhou, Cory—Georgia Institute of Technology, Main Campus 
Zhou, Zhiqing—Harvard University 
Zhu, Shaobin—Northeastern University 

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