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Awards and Scholarships

2020 NNHS Award Recipients

Charles Dana Meserve Fund Award
Serena Jampel
The award recognizes an outstanding scholar who has made significant contributions to Newton North High School.

Dickinson Award
Jacob Forbes
The award is presented to a senior who has demostrated the greatest improvement in athletic competition, sportsmanship, character, and skill.

Gary Elliot Prize for the Performing Arts
Leyla Davis and Josh Lev
The award is given each year at graduation to a recipient who, like Gary Elliot, demonstrates dedication, creativity, talent and a love for the performing arts.

Helene Breivogel Award
Tessa Bostwick
The award is presented to a senior who has demonstrated the greatest improvement in athletic competition, sportsmanship, character, and skill.

Lenny Zakim/PTSO Human Rights Awards
Leyla Davis and Jenny Huang
The award honors a beloved member of our community, the late executive director of the New England Anti-Defamation League. The scholarship is for a student who improves the quality of life here at North by promoting greater understanding and appreciation of human differences.

Margaret South Award
Daniela Divo
The award is awarded each year to a senior who best represents those qualities which Miss South exemplified during her years at Newton North High School: “courtesy, courage, enthusiasm, and unselfish service.” Students are nominated by the faculty and then presented to the senior class to be voted upon.

Newton Rotary Club William Rockwell Memorial Career and Vocational Technical Education Achievement Award
Tobermory Lowe
The award is given to a model student in their technical or vocational field.

Phi Beta Kappa Award
Christina Zhao
The award is presented for excellence in academic achievement.

Senior Cup
Anabel Marré and Vandrey Sisson
The award is presented to two students in the graduating class who most clearly typify an ideal Newton North student in the eyes of the faculty and the senior class. Students are nominated by the faculty and then presented to the senior class to be voted upon. The inscription on the cup reads, “presented for character, scholarship, involvement in the school community, and personality.”

V. James Marini Award
Nathan Dorval
The award recognizes students for their strong work ethic, academic growth, and commitment to diversity and helping others.

2020 NNHS Scholarship Program and Department Scholarship Recipients

Emiliya Aleksanyan
Lily Ambrosio
Or-El Ankori
Nedim Arapi
Jordyn Badon
Taylor Bailey
Ella Bailey
Samantha Balcanoff
Kenzel Barros-Brown
Pierre Alain Belcher
Katherine Benninger
Kelsey Best
Tessa Bostwick
Sarah Bottino
Dejan Brown
Thomas Burke
Taylor Butler
Thomas Caira
Chris Campbell
Francesco Campione
Caitlin Carr
Charlotte Carter
Andre Chan
Daniel Chao
Le Chen
Carmen Chu
Nolan Cooper
Jose Cordero
Michael Coscione
Mackenzie Cunningham
Julianne Cutone
Ahmani Dardy
Leyla Davis
Emily Davis-Morin
Depina Dayla
Sarika Desai

Michael DiRusso
Ben Donovan
Nathan Dorval
Jasmine Duong
Carolina Echeverri Guerrero
Gavin Emenaker
Raphael Feldman
Jack Fitzgerald
Stephanie Frankel
Sonya Gelfand
Jake Gershberg
Ciara Gillen
Lily Goldman
Zoe Goldstein
Alan Gomez-Tagle
Cristina Gonzalez Monroig
Dina Gorelik
Austen Herlihy
Timothy Hodgson
Claire Hosford
Jenny Huang
Sergei Ivanov
Tatiana Jackson-Saitz
Yunah Jang
Hefi Jiang
Saul Johnson-Green
Lasana Kaba
Raghav Kadambi
Alana King
Jaeden King
Isaac Kreiger
Zoe Kronberg
Maximilian Kuechen
Samuel Kutikov
Roxanne Lau
Michelle Lee

Noah Leikind
Josh Lev
Yingxin Li
Khalil Lofton
Amelie Long
William Otis Love
Stephanie Low
Tobermory Lowe
Xi Luo
Carolyn McDonald
Sara Manning
Lucy Marshall
Jaden Martin
Nicio Martinez
Cecilia McCormick
Alison McGarvey
Isalia McIntyre
Alyssa Medin
Elizabeth Merrick
Jonah Michael
Lonnie Miller
Giovanni Morales
Anamaris Morfin-Beltran
Arthur Motoyama
Myles Murphy
Mathew Muyinda-Nsadhu
Bianca Nascimento
Aaron Neville
Joshua Nichols
Danielle Nicolazzo
Rachel O’Brien
Joshua Ortiz
Charlotte Paquette
Macy Patten
Jezebel Perez
Johnny Poon

Joshua Price
Maya Rabinowitz
Imani Rather
Jason Reyes
Eli Richmond
Catherine Rogan
Lily Rousseau
Casey Salvatore
Julian Santiago
Joel Schurgin
Karolina Shull
Schuyler Silva
Amar Skelly
Amir Skelly
Aaliyah Smalls
Theo Sox
Brianna Spiegel
Erland Sundheim
Kenichiro Takeoka
Jen Tang
Helena Texiera-Dasilva
Vy Trieu
Rosa Velazque
Sean Walsh
Iris Wang
Sadie Winton
Alex Wymer
Sammi Yang
Lillian Yang-Schmidt
Bella Zakarian
Hallie Zenga-Josephson
Casey Zhang
Christina Zhao
Sophia Zhou
Cory Zhou

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