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That awkward moment when….

Tiger Question: What was your most awkward moment at this school?

“One time in Spanish class my phone went off with classical music. I’d never heard that ring tone before, but it was my phone. Everyone looked at my quizzically, like, ‘What?’”
—freshman Ashley Campbell
“I have always noticed the red stuff that drips down from the ceiling outside the math classroom. Then, one day I slipped on it.”
—freshman Halle Hall
“The first day of school I was walking by myself, and then, I fell. A bunch of upperclassmen came up and looked at me in the way you look at someone when you’re laughing on the inside.”
—freshman Elena Rodriguez
“I pantsed my friend one time at a party, and she wanted revenge. So, she pantsed me back right in the middle of the cafeteria. It was so embarrassing.”
—sophomore Edwin Cruz
“We had a volleyball unit in gym. When I went up to spike the ball, I fell into the net, and it came crashing down on me.”
—sophomore Mackenzie Dreese
“I was in chemistry class,  and there was another kid taking a test at the desk my friend usually sits at. He got up and left his stuff. I thought his stuff when my friend’s, so I took a sip of the water bottle on the desk. The guy came back and was like ‘why are you drinking from my water bottle?’”
—sophomore Mercedes Rosario-Morales
“I’m from England. A teacher asked me to say a whole list of words to the class because she liked my accent.”
—junior Tara Cabache
“I got kicked out of the library.”
—junior Ryan Duffy
“One time when I was a freshman, I fell on the stairs and interrupted this couple who was making out, and then, they stopped making out.”
—junior Norah Elghazawwi
“Every year at the Springfest, the juniors give roses to the seniors. I was one of the juniors doing that, but when I got up off of the riser to go give a rose, I fell in front of everyone.”
—senior Mia Bracciale
“My most awkward moment was the first time I auditioned for Theatre Ink. I had never sung before, and I was extremely nervous.”
—senior Stoddard Meigs

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