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Mass Interview: Students, teachers discuss loss of Tigers' Loft student lunch program

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Seniors Alyssa Kaplan and Emily Paley enjoyed lunch in the Tiger’s Loft Bistro Tuesday, Jan. 24.

by Connor Vasu

Atmosphere, quality of food and cleanliness all make the Tiger’s Loft Bistro a popular destination for students looking for a bite to eat. But recently, the program was forced to shut down its lunch program, because it did not comply with regulations. The Tiger’s Loft Bistro is still open for breakfast, according to a faculty-wide email sent by culinary teacher Bill O’Neill.


“It’s really sad that they’re closing the Tiger’s Loft to students,” said science teacher Shu-Yee Chen. “I think it’s both unfair to the general student body and the students in the culinary program, both on the business and production side.”

Librarian and Senior Year Project teacher Kevin McGrath said, “It’s unfortunate. It was a really nice option for students during lunch.”

“I understand the reasoning,” said history teacher Gregory Drake. “But, its unfortunate.”


Rebecca Jereza said, “It’s upsetting that the Tiger’s Loft isn’t serving lunch to students anymore. I feel like they won’t be able to create enough of a profit to sustain the culinary program at our school.”

“It sucks, because the cafeteria food is nowhere near the quality of the Tiger’s Loft,” said Andrew Redmond.

Alyssa Kaplan was disappointed when the Tiger’s Loft Bistro closed. Kaplan said, “ I used to eat there with friends at least twice a week. Even if I brought lunch from home I still loved sitting in there, because I loved the atmosphere. It’s much more pleasant than the cafeteria.”

Leo Simmons said, “I’m disappointed, like most students. I think it would be cool if the Tiger’s Loft worked in conjunction with the cafeteria.”


Kira Liu said, “Its unfair because the students should be able to eat there.”

David Demarest has a different take on the Tiger’s Loft. “I don’t have a problem with the Tiger’s Loft closing. I understand why it closed.”


“I find it unfair because the students work so hard to produce the food,” said Maria Koutsouras. “They should be able to reap some of the benefits.”

Brewster Taylor said, “I think its a shame that its now closed during lunch, especially because the Tiger’s Loft had such a small portion of the business when compared to the cafeteria.”

Sasha Eroshkin said, “I think that it’s stupid that the Tiger’s Loft is closing, because it has better food than the cafeteria.”


Eli Schwamm, who took culinary arts exploratory Semester I, said, “I think that the Tiger’s Loft should serve to students. It’s an excellent program and a great way to get lunch.”
“It’s not very fair because students have been eating there forever. Even though I’m just a freshman, I liked it a lot the times I went.” said Isaac Landaman, who took culinary arts exploratory Semester I.
Freshman Jessica Gallagher said, “The majors in the culinary program get the chance to create their own menu for the week. With the Tiger’s Loft closed, the majors do not get the chance to show off their menu to their friends. Other majors in classes like graphics and carpentry get to show off their hard work. It is just not a fair situation.”

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