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Point Counterpoint: Are mobile games beneficial to students?

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Junior Khloe Webb plays a game on her phone in the Library Learning Commons.


by Bennett Kaplan
If one walks down the hallways or peeks into a study hall, a large majority of the students are using handheld devices. Students constantly use these devices to text friends, to play games and to check their email.
Is this a problem? Some people believe that these devices can be a major distraction to students. They think playing on these devices is a waste of time and that they should not be allowed at school.These statements are false. Playing a game of “Temple Run” during a study hall is simply a relaxing break.
High school is a lot of work, and can be incredibly stressful. With all the projects, homework, essays and tests, sometimes, students need to put stress on hold and take a break during the school day.
Using iPods during school do not actually cause distractions, as long as students do not use them in class. If used just in the hallway, in a study hall or during lunch, there is no harm done. These devices relieve stress and take one’s mind off work.
Teachers cannot expect students to focus on schoolwork the whole day. With very few breaks in the day, playing games on an iPod can act as a quick diversion, without causing overt distraction.
The next time you settle into a chair in your study hall or canceled class, feel free to use your iPod. So relax for a bit, you have earned it.


by Connor Vasu

Red flying birds seem harmless, but “Angry Birds” and other Apple game applications are major time-wasters.

According to a 2009 New York Times study, three out of every four teenagers own an MP3 player, such as an iPod. According to the same study, teenagers spend an average of eight and a half hours a day on computers, television and electronic devices. This is a horrendous waste of time. Students should use this time in more productive ways than using their devices for the majority of the school day.

For example, during a study hall or a canceled class, students should get a head start on homework or study for an upcoming test or quiz. That is why it is called a study hall, after all. Talking with friends is also a good way to pass the time.

Too often students just pull out their iPods and waste an hour playing mobile games or watching television shows. During a hectic school day, using your iPod for a few minutes between classes can help relieve some pressure, but eight and a half hours? Most of us can agree that using electronics for that amount of time every day is overkill.

High school requires a lot of time and work, and can be very stressful. But, using an iPod unproductively during every free period only leads to more anxiety at night. If a student uses his iPod during every free period instead of working on homework, then the student might have trouble finishing his work at night.

Sure, sparingly using electronic devices during school can relieve some stress. But the detrimental effects of these devices outweigh the small benefits.

So the next time you settle into a chair in your study hall, instead of using your iPod for an hour, read a book, get some work done or talk to a friend.


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