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Sophomores transition into second semester

by Julia Moss
Second semester, which started on Monday, is not much of a change for many students. Freshmen and juniors may have changed electives, and seniors officially began their slump.
Sophomores make a bigger transition. Most sophomores now have open campus privileges — they no longer have study halls in their schedules. Six sophomores shared their experiences with this change.
“I’m really happy we have frees now, but I was disappointed that we can’t leave the cafeteria during a canceled class.”
—Mackenzie Dreese
“It’s great having frees. I have A-block free, and I can sleep in or go to the Rox Diner.”
—Dan Elsen-Rooney
“In these last two days, I haven’t had to do much homework at home because I have frees at the beginning and end of the day. I love it!”
—Sarah Nemetz
“At the start of the new semester on Monday I felt like it was my half birthday, because we’re halfway to where I want to be.”
—Jacob Prince
“I don’t have any frees during the day, but I like the new semester because I don’t have A.M. Swim anymore. It’s almost as if I have a free in the morning because I get to sleep in longer than I used to.”
—Sofia Rosenberg
“I was looking forward to open campus, but nothing changed for me because I don’t have any free periods, and we can’t leave during a canceled class.”
—Amiya Seligman

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