Girls' skiers place in front of rival Dover Sherborn

The Newtonite

by Jay Feinstein
Nordic skiing  competed in a league meet Wednesday against Brookline, Wellesley, Dover-Sherborn and South at Weston Ski Track. The girls’ team placed first, and the boys’ team placed third.
Sophomore Rafi Mohammed placed fourth in the boys’ race, and  junior Junior Julia Schiantarelli placed third in the girls’ race.
According to Abby Dalzell, a captain with seniors Tiphaine Kugener and Isabel Meigs, the meet was a successs. “Dover-Sherborn is the best team in the league,” she said. “We’re really happy that a couple of the girl skiers placed in front of them.”
The team would have been happy if nobody had placed in front of Dover-Sherborn skiers, she said. “Just the fact that we were able to race is huge. We didn’t even know that they would make enough snow.”