Parent launches The Spotlighters

The Newtonite

by Hilary Brumberg
This fall, parent Anne Bersani formed The Spotlighters to give high school students with disabilities a chance to participate in musical productions.
The Spotlighters presented their first show, Let’s Share the Spotlight!, Thursday, Nov. 17. Brian Heffernan ’09 and Ben Majewski ’09 and seniors Brendan Durkin and Nathan Orlov along with nine students from surrounding high schools performed “Dancing Through Life” from Wicked, “Seasons of Love,” from Rent, “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Born to Hand Jive” from Grease.
Special Education teacher Nicole Franchi said that Spotlighters is a unique experience because it allows students with disabilities to be involved in all steps of the production of the show. They helped design the four sets in the show and pick the songs.
Durkin said, “I enjoyed The Spotlighters because my friends and I had a super blast.”
The Spotlighters will present another production in the spring.