Students reflect on their 'ideal school days'

The Newtonite

All over the world, students are required to attend school. In different countries, school hours are spread out very differently. For example, in many European countries, school days are very long, but students have the day off every Wednesday. In other countries, students have shorter school days, but have to attend class on Saturdays or Sundays. Students were asked what the ideal school schedule is.
They should start school at eight and go to five, and then have no school on Fridays.
—freshman Robin Donohoe
We should have one hour of school every Saturday and Sunday, and then have a day off every couple of weeks.
—freshman Meghan Lyons-Dunkel
I think we should start at nine and end an hour later.
—freshman Aiden O’Neal
Take out February break and make summer longer. We don’t really need a vacation in February and we could always use more summer.
–sophomore Mackenzie Dreese
I would move school just the tiniest bit later in the day, and have all of the days be equal in length. It would be much better if Wednesdays were not as long.
—sophomore Kelsey Fox
It’s definitely a good idea to start later and go later. Another option might be night school, but I’m not sure if that would work.
—sophomore Sollie Mercurio
Add an hour and a half to the school day, and then don’t have school on Friday.
—sophomore Isabel Rivero
Change the homework situation; we should have less homework and more class time.
—junior Julia Berstein
I’m fine with the schedule we have, but it would make sense to have school go until 2:30 every day, instead of all different times.
—senior Aaron Siegel
Start school half an hour earlier and end school earlier. I like my afternoons!
—senior David Cartwright

-Julia Moss