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Girls' volleyball to advance to Sectional Finals

by Gloria Li
Thursday, the Tigers, 17-1, hosted Quincy, 18-2, at home, claiming a 3-0 victory.

During the first game, the Tigers took the lead as Quincy made an out-of-bounds return.

As the first match proceeded, the Tigers made a vie for the sixth point. With their strategically positioned blocking, the Tigers were able to win because of Quincy’s out of bounds serve.

In the Tiger’s entrance into the double digits, senior Meredith Abrams served. As Quincy returned the ball, sophomore Infiinti Thomas-Waheed smashed the ball and gained the 10th point for the Tigers, resulting in an eight point lead.

When the Tigers had 14 points, Quincy was able to gain a third point as the Tigers served out of bounds, but immediately after, they gained another point.

This was countered by Quincy also winning a point, but just after this gain, the Presidents dove for the ball and missed.

The teamwork on the parts of junior Keane Brazda and Thomas allowed for a tap to gain the 18th point.

Despite sophomore Alana King’s miss of a smash from Quincy’s side, the opponent mistakenly hit the ball backwards off the court, making the score 19-6.

As Quincy missed a serve made by Adams, the Tigers were at 23-6, and in the ensuing action, following two points by Quincy, the Presidents made four taps and hit the ball out of bounds.

The Tigers won the first game, 25-8.

During the second game, which was played with more vigor and fewer mistakes on the parts of the players from Quincy, the Presidents’ blocker did not jump high enough to prevent the ball from going over, so the Tigers were able to claim a 25-16 victory.

The Tigers started off third game in the lead with 5-2 when junior Deanna Cortina made an intense smash to gain the sixth point.

Later, Thomas tipped the ball gently, giving the the Tigers their 10th point.

With the bleachers filled with students from this school chanting “it’s all over,” the Tigers gained the 22nd point and stood at 22-16.

The Tigers were merely five points ahead as Quincy reached 17 points and then smashed the ball over the net to gain their 18th.

Brazda countered the Presidents’, gaining the 23rd point for the Tigers.

With another tap over, the Tigers were again at game point, claiming a 25-19 victory in the third game.

“The game was very steady, and we played aggressively throughout the match,” said senior Laurie Kamenetsky, a captain with the rest of the seniors.

According to Kamenetsky, the Tigers played a high stakes game, “their passing was surprising and got most of our hard hits up.”

“Quincy didn’t catch fire, and we didn’t stumble,” said coach Richard Barton. “They were working their way up way in the second and third games though.”

He described the game as solid and one in which the Tigers were completely in control athletically.

“The players were exceptional. They hit strongly, but we’re always aiming to play better, of course,” Barton said.

Barton noted that Brazda is a “great hitter who could win most matches merely by tipping.”

Brazda made seven kills during first and second games.

Especially outstanding was her winning tip made during first game and two in blocks during the second.

Twelve successful serves were also made by Brazda, and the team gained points by making aces during the second game.

Additionally, sophomore Alana King made eight kills through all three games with a tip kill during the first game, and Thomas-Waheed made six kills throughout. Two of hers were in the first game, one in the second and three in third.

Cortina made four kills, two of which were in first game and another two through the second and third. All of which were immediate wins for the team.

The Tigers will be playing against Brookline, which won 3-2 against North Quincy today, at Babson College, Saturday.

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