Student Faculty Administration discusses new proposals

The Newtonite

by Jared Perlo

Student Faculty Administration members got the ball rolling today by debating and inquiring about prospective policy changes in their third meeting this year.

Members prioritized several proposals created during last week’s meeting, when students and faculty brainstormed possible SFA bills. Some of the ideas include restructuring the bell system at the beginning of periods and possibly getting laptops for students to use during study halls.

One proposal that was deemed unachievable was widening the area of the school’s smoking ban. The current boundaries are 900 feet from the school, but Adams housemaster Jaime D’Orazio said it would be almost impossible to expand the smoking ban’s boundaries while still effectively cracking down on smoking.

“You can make the prohibited area as large as you want,” he said, “but it would be hard to enforce.”

In addition, D’Orazio cited the impact on the school’s neighbors. He said, “If we push the smokers out, the neighbors push them right back in.”

Vice principal and currently acting principal Deborah Holman also updated the SFA with upcoming  school activities.

She complimented teachers who took their classes on field trips, citing successful trips to the Topsfield Fair, the Freedom Trail and a theater performance of “Romeo and Juliet.”

Holman also updated the SFA on the school’s anti-bullying campaign. The second anti-bullying lesson will the day before Thanksgiving, she said

At the conclusion of today’s meeting, student members elected a student co-chair to lead meetings alongside librarian Kevin McGrath.

Senior Caleb Bromberg won the caucus over his opponent, sophomore Ned Martenis. Both Bromberg and Martenis are in their second year as SFA members.

Sophomore Terry Altherr also announced that he will be filming future SFA meetings with equipment from Television Production.