Administration discusses policy changes

The Newtonite

by Jared Perlo
During today’s meeting, Student Faculty Administration members deliberated prospective changes to the way the SFA operates.
Members began the session, which was the administration’s second of the year, by discussing the SFA’s lack of visibility throughout the school, according to history and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone.
He reminded members that one of the organization’s core values is the inclusion of the school community in SFA discussions. “One of the purposes of the SFA is to let people see us and allow them to particpate,” he said.
In an effort to improve the SFA’s audience, sophomore Terry Altherr proposed recording and televising the meetings with equipment and help from this school’s television production students.
Vignone also suggested putting meeting highlights on the televisions throughout the school. “If the meeting notes were bullet points, maybe people would look at them.”
Another issue brought up in the meeting was the unneeded revisions of policy changes, librarian Kevin McGrath said.
Currently, before a new policy is debated or voted on, at least one SFA meeting is assigned to work on rewording the bill. McGrath brought up the possibility of getting rid of this step in the voting process, as he says it consumes time and decreases SFA productivity.