Students, teachers plan Short Film Project

The Newtonite

by Alex Feit

Students and faculty are currently collaborating on starting the Newton North Short Film Project, a program run by the Innovation Lab that would allow interested students to help make short films, according to fine and performing arts department head Todd Young.

According to Young, students would be able to make five to eight minute films and involved in every aspect of production, including screenwriting, music scoring and video editing.

“Students can participate on any level,” he said. “They could just write a screenplay and walk away, or they can do even more.”

The idea for a film project has been in the works since last year, having been proposed by several teachers and senior Johnny Medlar, Young said.

Currently, there is a tentative plan for a course of action, although it may change based on student interest, Young said.

“We may have just one group of kids working on one film, or a number of students working on five films,” Young said. “We’re not going to worry, as it’s just a pilot program.”

However, Young said that the execution of the plan would be made easier due to the school’s general infrastructure.

“We have a smart, supportive staff and eager students. As for the tech part, we have a television studio full of equipment, a lab for film scoring and a robust theater department which is a resource for actors and directors. There really are a lot of resources in place,” Young said.

Young also said that he may try to connect with theaters such as West Newton Cinema to host a film night, although he has not made any real plans in this regard.

In total, the project is only supposed to be student run with teachers merely acting as guidance, Young said.

“This really is a Newton North initiative. It’s not the Todd Young initiative, not the Fine and Performing Arts initiative, but truly by North students. It crosses all departments, which is why it is in the Innovation Lab,” he said.