Communication benefits JV

The Newtonite

by Kristian Lundberg
JV boys’ tennis “was exceptionally deep this year in its talent,” coach Katie Gryska said.
“The team members were highly motivated to improve their technique and to learn advanced strategies,” Gryska said. “Their results have demonstrated this.”
The Tigers’ victory over Brookline May 13, was a highlight in the team’s season because “we lost most of our JV matches to Brookline,” she said.
Gryska also cited the “team spirit” as being one of the Tigers’ strengths.
“The boys were tight as a group and particularly supportive during matches. They were always respectful of me and open to constructive criticism, even during matches,” she said.
“Partners high-fived and communicated very well during doubles play. This was essential for unity.”
According to Gryska, one of the challenges that the team faced was “being on a different practice site at Cold Spring Park.”
“It wasn’t so desirable at the start of the season, but later it was like our oasis,” she said. “When we were away from our practice courts for too long because of the rain, I missed my time with the team.”
Sophomore Zach Rosenof said that the team “played well.”
“We held our own against some very good teams,” he said.