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A capella Ensembles at North: Celebrating Harmony

Step into the harmonious world of a capella, an artistic pillar of high schools and colleges nationwide. North is home to two vibrant a capella ensembles: Northern Lights and Melocotones. These vocal powerhouses are more than just singing groups; they’re the Pitch Perfect crews of high school, which dazzle North year-round with performances. 

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is the oldest student-run a capella group at North. The music group is directed by seniors Jack Eagan, Bertram Lin, Sonia Murthy, and junior Nell Ranalli. According to Eagan, the size of the group has increased to 16 members and the group has been thriving. Members do a variety of performances throughout the year. Some are service-based, and some focus more on singing.

“In recent years we have added a community service aspect to the group,” said Eagan. In past years, this included making a recording for a nursing home

Northern Lights performs a wide variety of music, ranging from pop to classical. The pieces are generally selected by the directors. “Sometimes we get a little choice here like we’re learning all of our holiday music right now,” said senior Ruby Metcalf, a member. 

According to Ranalli, the audition process was low-stress and provided freedom to students. “You come in and sing any chorus verse of a song that you like. It can be any kind of song, pop, musical theater, it does not matter,” she said. 

Besides strengthening everyone’s musical abilities, the directors also work to build community within the group. 

During the weekly rehearsals, everyone gets “comfortable in someone’s living room and just gather around a piano and sing,” said Metcalf. “That’s what makes it so good, it feels comfortable and it feels homey.”

In addition, Northern Lights plans community bonding events that don’t involve singing. “We held a dinner and everyone brought food. I love having an excuse to hang out with them every Sunday,” added Ranalli. 

The group recorded a video prior to December break and performed their first live event in late January.

 “I love the community, it’s such a good group and we all know each other. It’s always casual, chill, and really fun,” added Metcalf. 


With nine dedicated members, Melocotones shares their love and passion for music through caroling and performing at community events such as Winterfest. The directors of the group, seniors Zivette Bergman-Igra and Amiya Smith are in charge of the music and run auditions as well as rehearsals.

“We’re a really close community and everyone becomes really good friends with each other. It’s much more than just about the music, it’s about the friendship and the connection.” Said Zivitte Bergman-Igra.

According to Zivitte Bergman-Igra, the group sings contemporary music ranging from pop to Disney music. The group additionally has a signature song called “Come Go With Me.”

The group applies personal styles to songs, allowing them to blend their voices in unique ways.

“It’s going well so far, we have a lot of new members,” said junior Aine Carey, the group manager. “We’re very optimistic for the new year.”

The directors are in charge of choosing songs, but they take input from other members based on their preferences. Many of their songs are arranged by current or former members, leading to a growing archive that the directors can pull from. 

“Something really special about the group is that we’re a really close community and everyone becomes really good friends with each other,” said Bergman-Igra. “It’s much more than about the music, it’s about the friendship and connection.”

If you’re interested in reaching out to the Melocotones, you can contact them at [email protected].

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