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‘Thoughtprints’ showcases students creativity

Julia Dun Rappaport
“Untitled Collage” by Julia Dun Rappaport was featured in last year’s Thoughtprints calendar.

With each page brimming with vivid paintings and powerful poems, North’s Thoughtprints magazine offers students an opportunity to showcase their artwork and creativity. The club’s members collaborate all year to produce a calendar and two editions of their art and literary magazine that highlights student’s creative writing, drawings, photography, and sculptures.


Thoughtprints is currently working on a calendar composed of student art that will be sold in December. “The calendar is the first thing we do, and it’s a good way to get the club out there at the beginning of the year,” said senior Nika Grusby, a club officer. “It also helps get more submissions for the first magazine, because it does need more art and literature.”


To receive content for the calendar and the magazine, the club starts off by advertising. The club officers build a supportive community for students who are passionate about art.


“Once we get enough submissions, all the club members go through all the art together and we can voice any opinions we have, but then we fill out an anonymous form and say what artwork we think should go in,” said junior Anahita Kamali, a club officer.


It’s not always easy deciding on the submissions. “A lot of people might like a submission because it’s silly, and other people might not want to put it in because it’s not serious enough,” said Grusby. “It happens sometimes, and it really stands out because it’s a push and pull of how serious the publication is, and it’s hard because art is so subjective.”


After the submissions are voted on, the officers format the magazine in graphics. Starting this year, the club is thinking of adding music in their magazine. “We aren’t exactly sure how to do it, but we are thinking of putting QR codes that would go to student made music,” said Kamali.


These activities in each meeting vary. “Sometimes we are voting on submissions, other times we have hosted art critiques where students can bring in art and we give constructive feedback as a group,” said Kamali.

Thoughtprints club meets during Tiger in 127.

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