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Spontaneous Generation promises creativity, camaraderie through improv


An uncontrollable urge to laugh will descend upon the audience as the cast of Spontaneous Generation turns their wildest ideas into reality. The improv show, directed by seniors Raven Belson and Oliver Perlo, will run April 24-27 in the Little Theater.

The improv show is completely unscripted, with the only planned element being the games the cast members will play. According to Perlo, this year for the first time in over a decade, Spontaneous Generation will introduce new games to the repertoire. 

“We really try to create the most diverse relationships and diverse situations that we can within scenes to kind of keep it fun and fresh and silly,” said Belson. 

Throughout the rehearsal process, the two directors hope to emphasize the importance of “trust” and “creativity” to the success of improv. They will achieve this goal through cast bonding activities such as hangouts at cast members’ houses and watching others’ improv performances.

The cast will be well prepared for possible mistakes on show nights, taking them as an opportunity to not only adapt, but evolve their scenes. 

“Mistakes are possible, but it’s about how we deal with them, and that’s going to affect how the show is interpreted by an audience,” added Perlo. The quick-thinking and supportive environment ensures that no matter what direction a scene takes, it’s met with open arms.

“People say there’s a SponGen mentality, but I think it really comes from needing to think so fast on your feet, cover for other people, and just have a really quick response time,” said Belson. 

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