Successful donation box fundraiser to help students in need

Hannah Zizlsperger, News editor

In a successful fundraiser for the Etinan Children’s Scholarship Foundation, members of the Leadership class collected  school supplies and lightly used clothes in Donation Boxes that were set up around North Monday, March 27 to Friday, April 28.

The Etinan Children’s Scholarship Foundation’s purpose is to improve elementary school-aged orphaned children’s lives in Nigeria by providing them with a good education, clothes, and food, according to retired history teacher Isongesit  Ibokette. Ibokette established the foundation six years ago. 

“The least I can do for poor orphans in the area is give them school supplies to learn,” he said.

The leadership team helping to facilitate the fundraiser was comprised of seniors Allison Bubar, Hidaya Bukenya, Kiran Cremer, Amelia Kane, Mia Hreczuck, Hillary Makasa, Karen Matsuoka, Sophia Murphy, Catia Schiff, Isioma Udemagwana and junior Ruby Metcalf.

According to Murphy, students on the leadership team worried about North’s response to the donation boxes.

“Being such a big school makes it a struggle to successfully fundraise for outside organizations,” she added. “North struggles with raising money for groups other than ourselves.”

Despite this, the Foundation raised almost $1,500 via Paypal and Go Fund Me, reaching their fundraising goal and receiving many clothing items and shoes.

 “We would have liked to raise more money, but our clothing and supply drive was really successful,” said Murphy.