History teacher wins Meserve Award


Allison Purcell, News editor

Though teaching can be a thankless job, North takes time each year to recognize educators who go above and beyond. One of these honors, the Meserve, was awarded to history teacher Meghan Burns for excellence in teaching, Thursday, Dec. 8.
“I’m very grateful to be here and to work with such talented colleagues who have also become wonderful friends,” said Burns. “This was a big surprise, definitely an honor, but very humbling.”
The Meserve award honors both a faculty member and a student. A graduating senior is first selected to receive the honor. That student then nominates a teacher to be awarded for their exemplary work in the classroom. Burns was nominated by Helen Xiao 21’.
According to Burns, it was a “very special teacher-student moment” to be able to share such an experience with her class.
“I feel lucky to have been able to teach and get to know so many thoughtful groups of students over the years. Those relationships and the special moments, big or small, shared with students remind me of why I love doing what I do so much.”
A number of students said they found Burns’ classes helpful.
“It’s a different style than all my other classes in that it’s very verbal. She talks about the topic, with the slideshow mostly there for images, and we are responsible for taking notes. It made me pay more attention to what I was writing down,” said junior Elizabeth Qian-Tsuchida.
According to Burns, she decided to become a teacher because of her love of learning and passion for history. She continues to try to foster positive relationships with her students during what she considers the most formative years of their lives, she added.
“Work hard, find something you’re passionate about, and always remain true to yourself. Try to live each day in the present, while seeking to do good for others,” said Burns.