‘Titanic’ offers stunning new perspective in 25th anniversary re-release


Evelyn Mace

Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” enchanted audience members as the great Titanic rose from the screen.

Titanic, written and directed by James Cameron, was originally released in 1997 and received many accolades, including the 1998 Best Picture Academy Award. It became the first movie to gross over a billion dollars worldwide, and is now the fourth worldwide highest-grossing film of all time. The 2023 re-release in 3D 4K brings to life both the triumphs and tragedy of Titanic in a way that it never has before. 

The movie draws the audience back time and time again, and its love story has stolen many hearts. Titanic’s allure has captivated viewers for 25 years, and the popular anniversary re-release cements the movie as a beloved classic. 

The film follows Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, a wealthy, first-class passenger on the ship, and Jack Dawson, portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, a third-class passenger who won his ticket for the voyage in a game of poker. Rose and Jack’s seemingly opposite lives collide on the Titanic, where they fall into a whirlwind romance. They are forced to battle against classism and the inevitable sinking of the ship to be together.

Although forbidden love is a common theme in many movies, Titanic provides the raw emotion that leaves viewers awe-struck. Winslet and DiCaprio create the onscreen tension and chemistry that allows Rose and Jack to come to life and fall in love, while the attention to detail on set makes the audience forget that it was not actually filmed on the Titanic itself. 

The in-depth plot and masterfully crafted performance make the film one of the best. It makes viewers truly feel — in some moments it is breathtaking, others devastating. It makes viewers laugh and cry, gasp and smile. There is no greater feat than a movie that conveys a passionate emotion. 

The 3D version, which shows Titanic on a greater scale, was often successful in its attempt to bring the movie more to life. However, many close-ups on faces appeared choppy, which occasionally distracted from the scene. Despite this, the re-release was a huge success, bringing in 22.3 million dollars globally.

Titanic has remained a favorite for generations of viewers. There is something spectacular about the movie that leaves people amazed. When watching the movie in 3D, audience members can expect to experience the intensity and beauty of Titanic in an unmatched scale, making it a must-see remastered addition of a favorite classic.