Ski and Snowboard club return to the slopes in recent trips


Photo courtesy of Ski and Snowboard Club

Students enjoyed riding up the slopes during the Sunday River trip Jan. 20-22.

Kerri Huang, News editor

Following a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, North’s Ski and Snowboard club has once again taken to the slopes. 

Students attended a trip to Sunday River on January 20-22 for the first time in three years, and a following trip to Killington ran March 17-19.

“It’s a non-competitive club, so it’s really just a chance for students to get away from the weekend, have some freedom out on the slopes, and have chill time with their friends in a different environment,” said academic support teacher Melynda Meszko-Cameron, who advises the Ski and Snowboard Club and coordinates ski trips. 

According to sophomore Henry Greenwold, going on ski trips is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in expanding their skills in the sport while meeting new people.

“When you go with a new community of people, you get to form new connections and you really bond over the skiing and the experience,” said Greenwold. “My friends took me through the trees and I’d never done that before.”

For some, the ski trips were an opportunity to try the sport for the first time.

“This was a whole new fulfilling experience for me,” said senior Melika Niakosari. “I loved seeing the snow and the mountains.” 

According to senior Sam Newman, “the club just makes it a lot easier and more accessible for people to be able to enjoy with their friends without having to worry too much about the logistics.”

Newman added that ski trips with the Ski and Snowboard Club offers everyone a chance to push themself out of their comfort zone, whether it is a bunny hill for brand new skiers and snowboarders, or a range of difficult trails for more experienced members of the sport. 

“It’s just a really great experience to know that you can do more than you think, and that you can have people support you while you do that,” said Newman. “It’s great to be up early on weekends and have the sun be out.”

Newman added that he hopes returning club members will continue to participate in the ski and snowboard trips for years to come.