Student musicians captivate audience in Winterfest performance


Evelyn Mace

The orchestra and combined choirs, led by music teacher Adam Grossman perform Vivaldi’s Gloria

Evelyn Mace, Arts editor

North’s wind ensemble, symphonic band, combined choirs, and orchestra wove together sophisticated harmonies in Winterfest, the school’s annual winter concert. Directed and conducted by music teachers Adam Grossman, Richard Labedz, and fine and performing arts department head Todd Young, the showcase played Thursday, Jan. 26 in the auditorium.  

“Hearing it all come together was really incredible,” said junior Ally Ryan, a violinist in the orchestra. “We are in that music room for weeks on end and no one really hears us playing or knows what is going on, so it is fun to be like yes, we put something awesome together and now you can see it.”

The performance opened with “Our Director,” composed by F.E. Bigelow and arranged by James Swearingen. Performed by the wind ensemble and symphonic band, and conducted by Young, the song created an energetic start to the concert. 

Next, the student performers played “The Star-Spangled Banner,” composed by John Stafford Smith and arranged by Brian Balmages. Conducted by Labedz, the song had beautiful and complex harmonies, with added percussion creating additional depth. 

The wind ensemble and symphonic band closed with “Mars,” composed by Gustav Holst and arranged by William Owens. Directed by Grossman, the song was comprised of deeper notes, creating a more intense mood and atmosphere. 

The orchestra and choir then transitioned to Vivaldi’s Gloria for the remainder of the concert. The musicians created an elegant piece that combined both angelic soprano solos and intense, deep music during the multi-part song. Junior Sonia Murthy, an alto, delivered a strong and passionate solo during the tenth section of Gloria, “Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris.” It was soulful and flowed through the music with heart.

The concert was filled with emotion and energy. The audience was left awestruck by the talented student musicians before erupting into applause after each song. The end of the performance was met with a standing ovation. 

In addition to displaying students’ musical talents through impassioned songs, Winterfest highlighted the strong community of talented musicians at North. “I love celebrating this show that we put together,” said Ryan.