New restaurants in Newtonville allow various dining options for students


Dea Pance

Blossom Nutrition opens on Walnut Street at 9 a.m.

Dea Pance

Equipped with pocket money and an eagerness to eat lunch outside the building, students flock to Newtonville every day. Freshly following the pandemic, additions to the indoor dining scene attract the masses. New restaurants perch on one side of the road, ready and waiting for hungry clients. Drawn by the eclectic furnishing, neon lights, and complex decor, students line the counters of the restaurants, indulging in conversation while waiting for their treats. Some sit to enjoy a meal, and others are already out the door, food in hand, traveling back to their next class. A fresh aroma follows them, one that is often sweet and savory.

With the opening of Blossom Nutrition, Mochiko Hawaiian, and Donut Villa on Walnut Street, Newtonville hosts restaurants with unique products that appeal to all palettes.

Fresh Drinks at Blossom Nutrition

Blossom Nutrition opened in July 2022, serving gourmet protein shakes, acai bowls, iced coffees, and a wide variety of energy teas.

“Our main goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle for students,” said Sahara Cardona, the owner of Blossom Nutrition, “All of our products are completely protein-based.”

The shop is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Students are given two-dollar discounts if they visit the drink bar during school lunch hours. The restaurant additionally offers deals to those who are involved in North’s athletic program.

“My friends and I were given a bunch of gift cards when we walked to get a drink right before practice,” said sophomore Mia Kravets, a member of the field hockey team.

According to Cardona, she distributes these cards to encourage the community to continue working hard on their sports and exercise often in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She chose to specialize in making tea because it holds a lot of body benefits.

“Tea is one of our star products because it has all the proper vitamins, it boosts metabolism, and it is a good antioxidant source,” Cardona said.

Cardona added that she hopes she can add to the diversity of choices in Newtonville.

“By opening this place, we want to give the students an option. They can go to an ice cream shop, a fast-food place, or they can come here,” said Cardona. “Life is a balance, but we will always be here to provide them with the nutrients they need.”

Savory Chicken and Boba at Mochiko Hawaiian

Blossom Nutrition is not the only new establishment new to the city this school year. Just down the street, Mochiko Hawaiian opened its doors in August 2022, serving Hawaiian fried chicken and a wide variety of boba tea.

“We decided to make these products simply because they are delicious,” said Shawn Ross, a co-owner of the restaurant with Michael Roten.

Students are able to purchase their food online and have their orders ready for pickup. The shop is open from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

Aside from the food, Mochiko also has a warm and inviting environment. Graphics decorate the restaurant, a multicolored calendar hangs on the wall, and music plays constantly.

“We are doing for ourselves and students, so we want them to have fun and enjoy coming here,” Ross said.

The staff is a large, tight-knit community of 14, made up of students at North, college students, and adults, according to Roten. “We love students coming here, and we make a lot of friends of all different groups,” said Ross. “We want them to know that the people that work here are weird and nerdy, which is a good thing.”

Brunch and Sweets at Donut Villa

A few stores down, Donut Villa opened most recently, in September 2022, offering a full menu of sit-down breakfast, lunch, dinner options—and donuts.

“I saw that the concept of our restaurant was unique in terms of the fact that we are trying to incorporate donuts in the mix of food, while also maintaining a higher level of food quality,” said Johnny D’Eletto, director of operations at the diner. “What makes us different is that our customers are able to come in here, have a sit-down lunch, get a savory entree, or even just grab a sweet donut and be on their way back to class.”

The diner is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays, and students looking to dine or find a job are welcome at any time.

According to D’Eletto, “We have a bunch of North students on our staff, and they have been great. Others come for brunch or even to grab donuts at the end of the day. It’s awesome.”

This is the second location of Donut Villa, the first is in Cambridge. Following its recent opening, the diner plans to expand its food menu even further. They also plan to convert to serving dinner seven nights a week, instead of only five, according to D’Eletto.

D’Eletto added that he is excited about developing the new location.

“When we saw the Newtonville location, we loved it. It completely changed our concept around to where we wanted it to be with dinner.”

Following the prior limitations of the pandemic with indoor dining, students are permitted to leave the school building to enjoy the opportunity to socialize and eat with one another during their time off-campus.

“After COVID, it’s great to have so many sit-down dining options this year that we can enjoy,” said sophomore Skye Bentis. “Being able to just walk down the street and have lunch with friends inside these cool new places is something that makes the entire day more fun. Everyone should be taking advantage.”