Volleyball defeats Natick with strong individual performances


Gavi Berkman

Girls’ volleyball defeated Natick Tuesday, Oct. 11, at home, in a match where North used their passion and grit to dominate. 

“All the girls were really going for it,” said Nile Fox, the head coach. “They had a lot of energy.” 

In the first set, North started off strong, displaying a highly organized defense to minimize space for Natick to attack. Natick, on the other hand, were in disarray defensively. North capitalized on this with powerful spikes from sophomore Devon Burke, and senior Abigail Wright, a captain with junior Katelin Simmons. North won the first set 25-14.

During the second set, North’s offensive prowess became even more apparent. North passed accurately and confidently, and they had great communication. In addition, the hitters continued making big plays. North took the second set 25-15, taking a 2-0 lead. 

“We moved the ball around really well, and Devon and Abigail had some great hits,” said sophomore Brianna Milliken. 

In the third set, Natick completely crumbled. As North continued to impress with their smooth offense, Natick made frequent defensive errors. Even with frequently called timeouts, Natick could not turn the game around. After junior Chloe Lee’s electrifying final hit, the third set ended 25-11 in a convincing 3-0 victory for North. 

“We did really well,” said Milliken. “We really wanted to win, and everyone gave it their all. It was the game that got us into the playoffs.”

This victory adds to North’s good form. According to Fox, the match was “one of the best games we played so far. We minimized errors, and we spread the ball around to all our hitters.”

North, 13-1, will take on Newton South away on Monday, Oct. 24.