Students attend Families for Depression Awareness event


Angela Nie

Students learned about the signs and symptoms of depression and listened to a personal story about mental health during the Families for Depression Awareness and Young Adult Life Narratives event, Friday, April 8. 

The group, Families For Depression Awareness (FFDA), spoke to students in the little theatre during WIN 3. 

Prevention and intervention social worker Alison Malkin wanted to organize the event because it could help students receive valuable information and support. 

“Depression and mood disorders impact all of us, either directly or we may know somebody,” she said. “I hope students learn that as difficult as things can be, they can access help and can learn strategies to feel better.” 

FFDA members began the presentation by handing out information sheets with facts about depression symptoms and access to help. Max from their group, then, spoke about her experience dealing with depression and bipolar disorder. Families for Depression Awareness requested that the last names of speakers be withheld for the sake of their privacy. 

“Even though I had an understanding of the symptoms of depression, getting it clear in my mind helped make me a little more aware,” said sophomore Sonya Valkova, an attendee. 

“Recognizing that holding it inside is not helpful, being able to talk about it, and knowing that you’re not alone is incredibly important,” said Malkin. “We talk about destigmatizing behavioral health and mental health issues, and I think this is a step in that direction.”

According to Malkin, in the past eight years, teachers signed up their classes to attend the event. However, this is the first year students had to sign up for the event themselves, so many may have missed out on some advice.  

“If you weren’t able to attend, counselors will have information about it,” said Malkin. “Always reach out.”