North supports sustainable fashion in clothing swap


Climate Collective’s Pop Up Clothing Swap attracts students’ interest Jan. 18, 2021. (Photo by Angela Nie)

Angela Nie

From jean jackets to avocado print clothing, piles of neatly folded garments and informational posters encouraged North students to support sustainable fashion. 

The Climate Collective organized a Pop-Up Clothing Swap for students to swap their own clothing for other used items, during lunch and Tiger block on Main Street, Tuesday, Jan. 18.

“It’s all stuff from the Newton North community that’s in good condition but people don’t want anymore,” said senior Natalia Sawicka. A week before the swap, students overflowed the colorful collection boxes by the main house offices with their extra clothes.

The swap relied on an honor system. Students who contributed could take home the same amount of clothing they donated. Those who didn’t donate could take two items maximum. 

According to Sawicka, she had the idea to revive the Pop-Up Clothing Swap, which last happened two years ago. 

“It was a fun event for the community to check out some fashion and we want to spread awareness about the impact of fast fashion,” said Sawicka. 

Besides laying out the collection boxes, club members also posted vibrant informational signs around the school and spread the word on Instagram and Schoology. In the days leading up to the event club members organized and folded all the clothing.

“We just wanted to encourage people to shop more sustainably and be mindful of the impact of their clothing on the environment,” said Sawicka.