’14 girls maintain positive energy

The Newtonite

by Amanda Hills
Freshman girls’ lacrosse, 5-4-1, improved tremendously throughout the season, according to coach Anna McKenzie.
The team’s greatest strength was its teamwork, McKenzie said.
“They supported and encouraged one another,” she said. “The girls truly wanted their peers to succeed.”
One of her goals for the team this season was to “focus on specific skills and concepts of the game and how to be successful individually and as a group,” she said.
She added that she hoped to “nurture a positive team experience” for the team members.
Freshman Kirsten Kervin said that everyone on the team bonded through team dinners and sleepovers and became “really good friends.”
The highlight of the season was playing Needham, Kervin said.
“It was a very up and down game, but we seemed like the better team. We were just really pumped the whole game.”
McKenzie’s highlight was the team’s game against Framingham. “At the half we were down by five,” she said. “We regrouped at halftime, and the girls came out as a different team in the second half.”