Older JV players lead team

The Newtonite

by Amanda Hills
Throughout the season, JV girls’ tennis improved its volleys and basic strategies despite the ever-present rain, according to coach John Gaustchi.
Gaustchi said the team had many players who were new to the sport.
“Many people were very raw to competitive tennis.”
This season was also an unfortunate time for them to start, because “we lost a whole week due to rain.
“I wish we could have gotten more done,” he said.
But, he said, “The older players really helped to teach the younger players.
“There was a lot of leadership involved this season.”
Gaustchi named a strength of the team as having “a dynamic, strong makeup.”
Freshman Sammy Robertson remembers a specific game as bringing the team together.
“We were playing a deciding match at Framingham, April 27, and it was really late. One player played very intensely for a really long time, and it was the heart of the season. That match really brought us together.”
Gaustchi added, “That was the match of the season. Everybody got to see the big picture of all different dynamics of a match.
“Every swing was a point back and forth at that match, and it really showed that it’s not over until it’s over.”