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Forbes reflects on experience

[media-credit name=”courtesy Jack Prior” align=”alignleft” width=”191″]Junior Carla Forbes, a METCO student, ran in the division one championships in May 2011.[/media-credit]

Junior Carla Forbes, a METCO student, ran in the division one championships in May, 2011. Photo courtesy Jack Prior

by Carla Forbes
I have been going to the Newton Public Schools since kindergarten and could not imagine what my life would be like without METCO. The METCO program has enabled me to have a good education and has allowed me so many opportunities I might not have had going to a Boston Public School.
It has allowed me to take classes, electives and even field trips that would not have been available to me otherwise. It has offered me the opportunity to come to a school with a fantastic sports program, which is where I spend a lot of my time.
Being able to be on the track team at a school like Newton North is one of the greatest opportunities that I have taken advantage of.
It has introduced me to a sport I love, fantastic coaches who are dedicated to the team and a great group of people that I have formed wonderful friendships with.
METCO has also allowed me to come to a school where I can challenge myself. It allowed me to work to my full  potential, both in school and in extracurricular activities like track, which are just a few of the things that make the program so important to me.
Being able to come to a school where I am offered all of these opportunities that enable me to grow as a student and a person is a great privilege that would not be possible without the program.
Aside from the educational and athletic opportunities METCO has introduced me to, it also offers me a group of kind-hearted people.
I have also had the chance to get to know the close-knit group of students in the METCO program. It gives me the chance to get to know a group of teenagers that I can more closely relate to sometimes and that I can feel really comfortable around.
Not only has METCO introduced me to some great students, but counselors as well. METCO counselor Paula Diggs is a woman I have had the privilege of getting to know.  She has really made this school a special, enjoyable and engaging place for the METCO students.
METCO has offered me so much. It has allowed me to get a good education, become part of wonderful sport teams and know many, many great people that I would not have had the chance to know otherwise.
My life truly would not be the same without the METCO program, and I am grateful.

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