The Wolves engages audience through powerful acting, storytelling

The Wolves engages audience through powerful acting, storytelling

Arjun Shatkin

Theatre Ink’s production, The Wolves, has been more than a year in the making and will be showcased May 6, 7, and 8 at 7:30 p.m, offering both online and in-person viewing. Directed by seniors Neva Hsu and Megan White, the show is based on a 2016 play of the same name, and ushers audiences through the daily lives of nine girls playing on a soccer team.

Throughout the show, characters are referred to by their jersey numbers instead of by name. According to Hsu, “A lot of what is going on is based off of the character 46, she’s new to the team, and kind of how she assimilates.” 

Hsu said the show deals with heavy topics including trauma and issues that often “get swept under the rug.” Hsu added that the production explores the idea that “everyone has a story to tell.”

At the start, the preparation process entailed outlining a concrete vision for how the show would demonstrate its themes. Next came casting and rehearsal, which brought this vision to life.

White said the shows growth from a script to a stage production can be credited to the cast members, who were very receptive of new ideas.

“Our whole cast just goes with everything that we throw at them,” said White. “Spending time with our cast is the best and seeing what they’ve done with these characters that they were given is just so amazing.”

The Theatre Ink Website notes that The Wolves contains adult content and subject matter that may not be appropriate for all audiences.