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SET Day provides students with virtual opportunities to connect to clubs

Freshmen walk through Main Street in groups for their first walk as students at North Tuesday, Sept. 15. (photo by Ian Dickerman)

For the Zoom links to each club’s SET Day meeting, click here.

Anime and Manga Club
What: Students watch TV shows and play games to learn about and celebrate Japanese culture.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To meet new people and make a comfortable space for people with the same interest as us,” said senior Kyle Zhao, an officer.
Officers: Zhao and senior Ella McCreary.
Adviser: English teacher Mike Schlegelmilch.
Contact: [email protected]
—Kathy Mitchell

Asian Culture Club
What: Students learn and discuss Asian culture with topics such as world news, Asian American shows and movies, and their own experiences.
When: To be determined, on Zoom.
Goal: “The goals of our club this year is one-hundred percent to build a strong community for Asian Americans,” said senior Kyrene Sugianto, an officer.
Officers: Sugianto, seniors Emma ball and Shivani Shah, juniors Rose Giroux and Natalie Taw, and sophomore Cathy Zao.
Advisers: English teachers Charlene Beh and Michele Leong.
Contacts: [email protected]  [email protected]  [email protected]
—Antonio Batista-Ciani

Badminton Club
What:  Students play and enjoy badminton together. The club takes ten kids to a yearly tournament.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To be able to attend the yearly tournament, hopefully, and do better than last year,” said senior Fin Belson, an officer.
Officers: Seniors Eric Jamsri and Fin Belson.
Adviser: Scheduler and Data Analyst Meghan Smith.
Contact: [email protected] or “NNHS Badminton” on Facebook.
—Gabriel Borges

Black Leadership Advisory Council (BLAC)
What: Students share their experiences, celebrate black culture, watch videos, and listen to music, to educate the North community on black culture. 
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To have a safe space for black students and also allies, to celebrate and share culture, and to continue the activism that has been more apparent this summer and to incorporate black history and black lives into our everyday life,” said senior Bailey Evans-Williams, an officer.
Officers: Evans-Williams and seniors Arsema Kifle and Chika Udemagwun.
Advisors: METCO counselor Elvin Cardona and English teacher Pamela Pistiner
Contact: [email protected]
—Emma Brignall

Body Positivity Club
What: Students watch presentations that spread awareness and positivity around body image.
When: Every other Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.
Goal: “To reduce the stigma around body image, build advocacy skills, and create a safe space for students,” said senior Jessie Coomber, an officer.
Officers: Coomber, senior Hannah Price, and junior Ella Duchnowska.
Adviser: Rebecca Manely, who works at the Multiservice Eating Disorder Association.
Contact: [email protected]
—Kathy Mitchell

Book Club
What: Students read and talk about books relevant to the current political climate and books that help students mentally escape the real world.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To be able to unwind and relax and become more aware of what’s going on in the world through reading books,” said senior Hannah Langenfeld, an officer.
Officers: Langenfeld, and senior Mannie McBride.
Adviser: Special education teacher Melynda Meszko.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Helen Xiao

Business Club
What: Students study a variety of business topics ranging from entrepreneurship to finance while interacting with guest speakers and preparing for competitions.
When: Tuesday flex-block over Zoom.
Goal: “To teach students lessons in business that the school curriculum does not cover,” said senior Ben Ronell, an officer.
Officers: Ronell and other officers to be determined.
Advisers: Business teacher Robert Kane.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Helen Xiao

Christian Club
What: Students discuss Christianity by talking about worship and engaging in Bible study.
When: Tuesdays after school on Zoom.
Goal: “To get people together to learn about God and connect with other Christians,” said junior Ashley Tan, an officer.
Officers: Tan and junior Josh Tackie.
Adviser: Design teacher Sue Brooks.
Contact: [email protected]
—Helen Xiao

Climate Advocacy Club
What: Students work on a variety of projects to educate North and the Newton community on climate justice issues. 
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To organize protests for climate justice and work on getting climate justice related material into the school curriculum,” said sophomore Naomi Goldstein, an officer.
Officers: Goldstein, senior Cristian Gaines, and sophomore Lucy Waldorf.
Adviser: History teacher Jennifer Devlin.
Contact: @nnhsclimatecollective on Instagram.
—Helen Xiao

Coalition of Representatives
What: Students discuss ways to run student government and help each other with events and fundraisers.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To help the student government run cohesively as a school-wide body and to plan events that involve multiple grade levels,” said senior Kevin Wu, an officer.
Officers: Wu.
Advisers: Barry house dean Aaron Sanders.
Contact: [email protected]
—Amy Xue 

Costumes Crew
What: Students collaborate to design costumes for Theatre Ink shows.
When: To be determined, in the costumes room in the theatre wing.
Goal: “To costume all of Theatre Ink shows! Students do everything from designing, to managing, to dressing, to sewing, to painting, to running fittings, and so much more,” said senior Jacy Alpert, an officer.
Officers: Alpert.
Advisers: Theatre teacher Ruth Talvacchia.
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 
—Amy Xue

What: Students learn business management skills and attend business competitions at the district, state, and national levels.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To develop leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills that are applicable in the business world,” said senior Bruce Burba, an officer.
Officers: Burba and senior Emma Schwartz.
Advisers: Business teacher Robert Kane.
Contact: [email protected] and [email protected] 
—Amy Xue

Digital Bridges
What: Students fundraise money to buy technological supplies for low income schools in Massachusetts.
When: Tuesdays after school on Zoom.
Goal: “To continue to raise money as well as spread awareness of the digital divide, which has been exacerbated by the pandemic,” said senior Leo Kaluzhny, an officer. 
Officers: Kaluzhny, and seniors Jonah Brenner and Veer Gadodia
Advisor: Special education teacher Brian Rooney.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Griffin Bond

Dreamfar Marathon Club
What: Students train and run in preparation for the Malden Half Marathon in March.
When:  Mondays and Wednesdays on Zoom. 
Goal: “Our goal is for our students to train and run in the Malden Half Marathon in March,” said special education teacher Amy McMahon, an adviser.
Officers: Student officers are yet to be determined, some may be elected in mid- October.
Adviser: McMahon.
Contact: [email protected]
—Hallelujah Demmelash

Dungeons and Dragons club
What: Students play Dungeons and Dragons with like-minded students.
When: Thursdays from 4:15 to 6 p.m. on Zoom. 
Goal: “To complete some campaigns, but first and foremost to grow and learn about what it means to be a D&D player, and how to have fun doing it,” said freshman Theodore Hill, a member.
Officers: Freshman Rohan Peters
Adviser: To be determined.
Contact: [email protected]
—Griffin Bond

What: Focused on environmental science and sustainability. The club participates in competitions around categories such as water, soil, wildfire, and the forest.
When: Monday after school.
Goal: “To educate students on environmental science related issues and sustainability,” said senior Kevin Wu, an officer. 
Officers: Wu and senior Veer Gadodia.
Adviser: Science teacher Christopher Hillenmeyer 
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 
—Griffin Bond

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
What: Students will learn about finances and business as well as have the opportunity to compete in competitions against others.
When: Wednesday f-blocks.
Goal: “To help high school students learn about finances and business based on everyone’s knowledge and skill,” said senior Emma Larson, an officer. 
Officers: Larson and senior Zach Schaff. 
Adviser: Business teacher Rob Kane.
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 
—Jacques Abou-Rizk

Film Club
What: Students watch a movie over the week and discuss it over Zoom.
When: Sunday afternoons on Zoom.
Goal: “To provide a place for people who are passionate about film or want to learn more about film and discover more movies,” said senior Jonah Sullivan.
Officers: Sullivan.
Adviser: History teacher Albert Cho.
Contact: @nnhs.filmclub on Instagram.
Maya Demissie

French Club
What: Students learn about French culture, including movies, music, and poetry, as well as fundraising and community service. 
When: Once or twice a month.
Goal: “To reach out to other students and know more about not only the French culture but also other cultures,” said French teacher Alieu Jobe, an adviser.
Officers: To be determined.
Adviser: Jobe.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Maya Demissie

Girls Achieving Leadership through Service (GALS):
What: Students discuss articles or documentaries centered around women and feminism.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To create an environment where girls can feel safe to talk about issues, femininity, and anything they want,” said senior Stephanie Spector, an officer.
Officers: Spector, senior Hannah Price, and junior Emily Craven.
Adviser: Math teacher Lynne Ruozzi.
Contact: [email protected]
—Maya Demissie

Girls Coding Club
What: Students in the club learn about different types of programming and strengthen their knowledge of different programming languages.
When: Fridays during flex-block on Zoom.
Goal: “Our goal for the club for this year is to create a positive environment for girls to feel like they have an encouraging team and place to explore curiosity and improve skills in computer programming,” said senior Karen Tong, an officer.
Officers: Seniors Tong, Claire Deng, and Amy Xue, and junior Cher Li.
Adviser: Science Teacher David Bennett.
Contact: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected]
—Zachary Kwon

Hispanics and Latinx United 
What: Students meet to talk about Hispanic culture and experiences.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To be able to give Latinx and Hispanic students a space to share their grievances and stories and eventually find causes that our members are passionate about on either a school or city wide basis,” said senior Bella Lecona, an officer.
Officers: Lecona, and senior Jaleika Heredia and junior Alexander Salguero.
Adviser: METCO Engagement Specialist Elvin Cardona.
Contact: [email protected]
—Sophie Fredberg

The History Team
What: Students meet to learn and study history.
When: Every Wednesday over Zoom.
Goal: “For history lovers to compete in several history competitions,” said senior David Genis, an officer.
Officers: Genis, and seniors Skyler Bohnert and Issac Tang.
Adviser: History teacher Gregory Drake.
Contact: [email protected]
—Sophie Fredberg

Hugs for Benin
What: Students collect school supplies, athletic equipment, and toys for children in Benin.
When: Thursdays after school on Soom.
Goal: “To connect students in the United States with students in other parts of the world and help supply them with school materials,” said world language teacher Sarah Bilodeau.
Officers: Junior Will Ayinon and Alex Olhava.
Adviser: Bilodeau.
Contact: [email protected]
—Sophie Fredberg

The International Crisis Club
What: Students fundraise for refugees coming from crises around the world.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To identify communities and causes across the US and the World and raise awareness about crises that impact people and fund raises to donate,” said history teacher Subheen Razzaqui, an adviser.
Officers: To be determined.
Adviser: Razzaqui.
Contact: [email protected]
—Sophie Fredberg

The International Students Association
What: Students learn about different cultures and focus on current global events.
When: Twice a month during flex-block on Zoom.
Goal: “To make a fun space for students to connect with new people even if it is over Zoom,” said English teacher Kristen Durocher, an adviser.
Officers: Seniors Andre Meza and Shivani Shah.
Adviser: Durocher.
Contact: [email protected]
—Sophie Fredberg

Jam Band Club:
What: Students pair up with elementary school students and tutor them in various instruments.
When: To be determined. 
Goal: “To reach as many elementary school kids as possible to get them excited about music and get them acquainted with an instrument” said junior Rachel Alpert-Wisnia, an officer.
Officers: Alpert-Wisnia and junior Grace Davis.
Adviser: Music teacher Richard Labedz.
Contact: [email protected]
—Jacob Zalis

K-Pop Club:
What: Students interested in K-Pop come together to choreograph dances among other activities.
When: To be determined. 
Goal: “To bring a bunch of people who love music and love dancing, love food and love culture together” said junior Yuhan Gu, an officer.
Officers: Gu, senior Olivia Walsh, and sophomore Meaghan Taylor.
Adviser: Math teacher Derek Hogan.
Contact: @sweethelen001, @olivia.m.walsh, and @ferret.rain on Instagram.
—Jacob Zalis

Kindness Club:
What: Students help organize and execute various charity drives and donations.
When: To be determined. 
Goal: “To organize drives and figure out the logistics of that. Also for people to raise awareness for the events,” said sophomore Zoe Kritzer, an officer.
Officers: Kritzer and sophomore Kiran Cremer.
Advisers: Math teacher Tracy Stewart and English teacher Emily Lew.
Contact: [email protected]
—Jacob Zalis

Language Creation Club:
What: Students study how languages are made and eventually work towards creating their own dialect.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To share experiences with language creation and language construction with each other in the North community,” said French teacher Sarah Bilodeau, an adviser.
Officers: Senior Aram Brunson and junior Zachary Lobel.
Adviser: Bilodeau.
Contact: Brunson, Lobel, or Bilodeau’s school emails. 
—Jacob Zalis

Magic: The Gathering 
What: Students get the opportunity to learn about and play the game Magic: The Gathering.
When: Wednesdays after school on Zoom or outside socially distanced.
Goal: “To create a welcoming and supportive environment where nobody feels left out or silenced and everyone feels included and happy to be with the club,” said senior Oscar Pontiff, an officer.
Officers: Pontiff, and junior Charles Li.
Adviser: History teacher Caitlin O’Rourke.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Grace Beecher 

Math Team
What: Students practice their math skills so they can compete in regional and state competitions.
When: Wednesdays after school on Zoom, but subject to change.
Goal: “To foster a love of math, teaching math, making the state competition and beyond,” said senior Kevin Wu, an officer.
Officers: Wu, and senior Helen Xiao. 
Adviser: Math teacher Amy Donovan. 
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 
—Grace Beecher

What: Students sing together without instruments and do fun gigs around Newton. 
When: Sunday 4 to 6 p.m. on Zoom.
Goal: “This year will look a little different, but our main goals are to create a fun, social, stress-free group and to sing together virtually,” said junior Molly Greenwold, an officer.
Officers: Greenwold, and senior Adair Nolan. 
Adviser: Music director Todd Young.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Grace Beecher

Mock Trial
What: Students debate over simulated cases acting as lawyers and witnesses.
When: Wednesdays and Sundays 7 to 9 p.m. over Zoom.
Goal: “To win the Garden City tournament, a preseason-like competition with a small number of teams in Massachusetts. We also hope to get as many people as possible engaged and ready to perform in this virtual setting,” said senior Hadley Iselin, an officer.
Officers: Iselin, senior Kevin Wu, and junior Emily Wang.
Adviser: Latin teacher Timothy Lesinski.
Contact: [email protected]
—Angela Nie

Newton North Fencing Club
What: Students learn about fencing and how to fence.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To teach the basics of fencing and also move up towards more advanced skills,” said junior Grace Li, an officer. 
Officers: Li and junior Stacey Low.
Adviser: French teacher Sarah Bilodeau.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Dea Cela

Next Gen Voices
What: Students learn about civic engagement in their local communities.
When: Every Tuesday during flex-block.
Goal: “We examine issues we see in our community, and explore ways to take action to help solve it,” said senior Coral Lin, an officer.
Officers: Lin, senior Calvin Mamis, and juniors Olivia Helfrich-Tapi, Olivia Posen, and Rachel Alpert-Wisnia.
Adviser: Co-presidents of the Center for Civic Engagement and Service Claudia Wu and Terry Yoffie. 
Contact: [email protected] 
—Dea Cela

NNHS Classics Club
What: Students learn about the Latin language and culture and are able to compete in competition related to the subject. 
When: To be determined. 
Goal: “To give students an opportunity to do more fun things in learning about the ancient  world and participate in activities related to Latin culture,” said Latin teacher Timothy Lesinski, an adviser.
Officers: Seniors Pete Campbell, Annette Chau, and Ella McCreary. 
Adviser: Lesinski.
Contact:  [email protected] or [email protected]
—Jacques Abou-Rizk

NNHS Figure Skating Club
What: Students improve their figure skating skills by competing with peers in competitions. 
When: Students practice on their own time. Competition dates are unconfirmed. 
Goal: “To provide skaters with an opportunity to compete as a team in a very individual sport,” said junior Yurika Tarui, an officer. 
Officers: Tarui and senior Clara Gross.
Adviser: Vice principal Amy Winston.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Jacques Abou-Rizk

NNHS Women in Business
What: Students will listen to both unrecognized and recognized female dignitary and executive guest speakers over monthly Zooms.
When: After school at 4 p.m. on a specified day with the occasional guest speaker during a flex-block. 
Goal: “To allow girls from 9th-12th grade who have an interest in business to gain knowledge and perspective of what females do in the business world,” said business teacher Robert Kane, an adviser.
Officers: Senior Mary Williams and other officers to be determined. 
Adviser: Kane.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Emma Burns

Northern Lights A Capella
What: Students arrange, practice, and perform a cappella songs over weekly Zoom calls. 
When: Sunday 7 to 9 p.m. on Zoom. 
Goal: “To spread joy and a sense of normalcy throughout the community through music,” said senior Emma Bradshaw, an officer. 
Officers: Bradshaw, senior Julianna Walsh, and juniors Tyler Bean, Luka Ross, and Naomi Wolf. 
Adviser: Music teacher Richard Labedz. 
Contact: [email protected]
—Emma Burns

One Night Out 
What: Students play games, cook, and make art with disabled students ages 2-14. 
When: The first Saturday of every month at the Boston Abilities Centre in Natick from 5:45 to 9 p.m.
Goal: “To give the parents of children with disabilities a night out, and simultaneously letting the kids have a fun night hanging around highschoolers,” said junior Madeline Fabry, an officer. 
Officers: Fabry and juniors Fiona Flint and Olivia Helfrich-Tapia. 
Advisers: Special education teacher Brian Rooney. 
Contact: [email protected] or [email protected] 
—Emma Burns 

Programming Club
What: Students explore and build skill in topics such as web development, mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 
When: Every other Thursday on Zoom, time to be determined.
Goal: “To teach other students artificial intelligence and machine learning, two topics that are becoming increasingly popular in today’s technology world.”
Officers: Godadia and juniors Jacob Chang and Andrew Lee.
Adviser: Math teacher Adam Peloquin.
Contact: [email protected]
Maxwell Lu

Science Team
What: Students prepare for and compete in a variety of science competitions, including the Blue Lobster Bowl, Science Olympiad, and Women of Science.
When: Fridays after school on Zoom.
Goal: “To foster curiosity and engagement for science, as well as compete against other science teams around the country at competitions such as MIT and Harvard,” said senior Skyler Bohnert, an officer. 
Officers: Bohnert, and senior Elliot Alberts.
Adviser: Science teacher Megan Sun.
Contact: [email protected]
—Luke Niwa

Ski and Snowboard Club
What: Students go on two weekend ski trips every academic year.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To be able to hold the ski trips,” said senior Veer Gadodia, an officer.
Officers: Gadodia and seniors Jessie Coomber, Keshav Desibhatla, Maja Duchnowska.
Adviser:  Special education teacher Melynda Meszko.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Maille O’Neil

South Asian Students Association (SASA)
What: Students gather to explore the cultural identities of countries in South Asia.
When: Wednesdays at 4 p.m. on Zoom.
Goal: “To create a space where students of South Asian origin can talk about their common experiences and celebrate their cultural practices, and raise awareness in the larger North community,” said history teacher Subheen Razzaqui.
Officers: Seniors Keshav Desibhatla and Veer Gadodia.
Adviser: Razzaqui.
Contact: [email protected]
—Arjun Shatkin

What: Students engage in scientific experiments that aim to bridge the gap between art and science.
Where: To be determined.
Goal: “To expand scientific and artistic understanding and facilitate engaging discussions outside of the classroom,” said senior Sophia Morgan, an officer.
Officers: Morgan.
Adviser: Science teacher Brian Gagne.
Contact: [email protected]
—Yahel Tamir

What: Students create lesson plans, virtually visit elementary schools, tutor students, and host guest speakers for middle schoolers.
When: Twice a month on Tuesdays at 8:30 a.m.
Goal: “To make elementary school kids excited about science and high school,” said junior Peter Dukakis, an officer.
Officers: Dukakis and junior Rachel Kimball.
Advisers: Science teacher David Bennett.
Contact: [email protected] 
—James Dun Rappaport

Strength and Conditioning Club
What: Students will follow a tailored workout plan to either improve in their sports or simply learn how to lift.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To help students achieve their athletic goals, no matter what they are.” said senior John Robinson, an officer.
Officers: Robinson.
Advisers: Brad Mayer
Contact: [email protected]
—James Dun Rappaport

Student Council
What: Students meet to fundraise, talk about school issues, and promote school spirit.
When: Weekly before school over Zoom.
Goal: “To raise as much money as possible in order to have fun and cheap events for the students,” said Class of 2022 president Peter Dukakis.
Officers:  Juniors Inez Baxter, Dukakis, Elis Kristo, Ethan Situ, and Angel Wan.
Advisers: Special Education teacher Melynda Meszko-Cameron and history teacher Caitlin O’Rourke.
Contact: [email protected] 
—James Dun Rappaport

Teens for SEGA
What: Students raise awareness and funds for a girls’ school in Tanzania.
When: To be determined. 
Goal: “To connect people to the girls in Tanzania and realize how privileged we are to have a good education,” said senior Amelia Whitehouse, an officer. 
Officers: Whitehouse and senior Riley McGarry Partridge. 
Adviser: Physical education teacher Courtney Albert.
Contact: [email protected] or @teensforsega on Instagram. 
—Jacques Abou-Rizk

The Monologue Project
What: An opportunity for NNHS students of Color to express themselves in writing for a school-wide magazine or showcase.
When: To be determined.
Goal: “To provide a space for students of color to share their stories, make connections with each other and express themselves,” said English teacher Pamela Pistiner, an adviser. 
Officers: Senior Edie Pike, and juniors Peter Dukakis and Uche Okonkwo.
Advisers: Pistiner and Chinese teacher Emily Lew
Contact: [email protected]
—Mark Hemment

Tutoring Club
What: Students meet with peers from various school districts to help advance their knowledge in a range of subjects. 
When: Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:30 on Zoom. 
Goal: “To form partnerships with multiple schools to help their students reach their academic potential,” said sophomore Maxwell Lu, an officer.
Officers: Lu and sophomore Yahel Tamir.
Adviser: Guidance counselor Brendan Amedio.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Jacques Abou-Rizk

What: Students listen to guest speakers from various medical institutions about their experiences in the medical field, as well as engage in group discussion on medical topics.
When: Every other Monday after school from 4-5 p.m. on Zoom.
Goal: “To introduce students to potential careers in the medical field that they may want to pursue after high school as well as provide a space for students to connect with other students interested in medicine,” said junior Tia Joseph, an officer.
Officers: Joseph, senior Keshav Desibhatla, and junior Esther Zhang.
Advisor: Chemistry teacher Megan Sun.
Contact: [email protected]
—Isaac Tang

What: Works with UNICEF organization to help disadvantaged children around the world.
When: Every other Tuesday after school.
Goal: “Hold fundraisers to help raise money for UNICEF and volunteer in our local community,” said Senior Haley Ireland, an officer.
Officers: Ireland, and seniors Caleb Galdston and Alexandra Filipova.
Advisor: Chinese teacher Ming Lu.
Contact: [email protected]
—Isaac Tang

Ultimate Frisbee Club
What: Students train and work out for the sport, then participate in tournaments in the spring.
When: To be determined, at Cabot field. 
Goal: “To train and recruit people, and really just to get people to love playing ultimate Frisbee. Also to provide a place for returning players to train for the spring season, and to stay in shape,” said senior Evan Hoch, an officer.
Officers: Hoch and seniors Peter Kotz and Jocelyn Sun.
Adviser: Physics teacher Matt Anderson.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Andy Zhou

The International Students Association
What: Students learn about different cultures and focus on current global events.
When: Twice a month during flex-block on Zoom.
Goal: “To make a fun space for students to connect with new people even if it is over Zoom,” said English teacher Kristen Durocher.
Officers: Seniors Andre Meza and Shivani Shah.
Adviser: Durocher.
Contact: [email protected]
—Sophie Fredberg

Tiger’s Eye Magazine:
What: Students research, discuss, and write articles about current events and pop culture, which are posted online.
When: Every other Tuesday after school.
Goal: “To provide an outlet for students to debate, write about, and form their own opinions,” said senior Parisa Ghavidel.
Officers: Ghavidel and senior Coral Lin.
Adviser: English teacher Beth Cronin.
Contact: [email protected]
—Isaac Tang

What: A magazine publication where student artists can showcase their photography, creative writing, poetry, sculpture, paintings/drawings and any other forms of art.
When: Sunday nights.
Goal: “We encourage anyone and everyone to submit their artwork to be featured in the magazine, they can submit their work anonymously,” said senior Selin Butun, an officer.
Officers: Butun, seniors Liraz Brand, Caitlin Kontaridis, Calvin Mamis, Hannah Price, and junior Aviva Sachs.
Advisers: Neil Giordano.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Ella McCreary

The Newtonite
What: Students write articles, take photos, or design North’s official in-print and online newspaper.
When: Every day. 
Goal: “To provide students with reliable, timely news in the North community,” said senior Jacques Abou-Rizk, an officer. 
Officer: Abou-Rizk and senior Sophie Murthy.
Advisers: English teachers Thomas Fabian and Derek Knapp.
Contact: [email protected] 
—Mark Hemment

Walk n’ Talk Club
What: Students walk together while maintaining social distancing guidelines for 25 minutes to 2 hours, while forming friendships and learning about the geography of Newton.
When: Thursdays 4:45 p.m. at North.
Goal: “To meet new people during a time when many people haven’t been able to socially interact much while simultaneously getting exercise and learning about the town,” said sophomore Ariel Mooney.
Officers: Mooney and sophomore Katrina Weyhrauch.
Adviser: History teacher Jennifer Devlin.
Contact: Instagram page @nnhswalkntalkclub

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