Virtual Club Day to still provide students with connection opportunities


Teachers and faculty stand at the entrance of Tiger Drive, welcoming freshmen in groups to take a first walk through the building as students Tuesday, Sept. 15. (photo by Ian Dickerman)

Jacques Abou-Rizk

Amid much uncertainty, North is pushing forward with Club Day this year, hoping to provide opportunities for the incoming freshmen and anyone hoping to connect to North and the community. 

Although tentative, Club Day this year will be virtual towards the end of September. According to data analyst Meghan Smith, the student club coordinator, Club Day may be stretched over a week or even into another event in mid-winter in order to allow students to have multiple chances at joining a club. 

“We want to have a structure in place to support that idea, carefully and safely,” Smith said.

At the event, clubs will be divided into categories such as business, sports, and arts, and students will go to their categories of interest.

“It’s so important for kids to be connected to their community and to other kids,” said Smith. “Through zoom, connecting with your school is tough,  and that shows the importance of club day, especially this year.”