2011-2012 Student Faculty Administration holds first meeting

The Newtonite

by Jared Perlo

Today, the 2011-2012 Student Faculty Administration kicked off the year of deliberations and policy making.

Newly-elected freshman representatives joined returning members of the organization in the administration’s inaugural meeting.

History and social sciences teacher Ty Vignone, a SFA veteran, welcomed the newcomers. He said, “The SFA is a very special, unique body. You wouldn’t find another organization like this if you visited 99.9 percent of all the schools in the country.”

Vignone stressed the importance of the SFA. He said, “This is real stuff, you have the ability to make policy changes here. Take advantage of it.”

Principal Jennifer Price briefly recapped the achievements of last year’s organization, highlighting the installation of televisions in the cafeteria.

She attributed the televisions to the work of Adams housemaster Jamie D’Orazio and PTSO parent co-chair Claudia Wu. The money came from the Bringing Down the House fundraiser, an event which celebrated the demolition of the old school two years ago.

To conclude the meeting, history teacher and faculty chair Greg Drake stressed the importance of having weekly meetings and improving meeting attendance from last year.

In its next meeting, SFA members will appoint a student leader to manage the organization alongside Drake.