Miamas: Molly's Story


(Graphic by Maya Demissie)

The Newtonite

Welcome to Miamas, a podcast devoted to sharing the stories of North.

In a Fredrik Backman novel, Miamas is a fictional land of fairytales. This student-run podcast brings light to the fairytales in our everyday life by sharing the true stories of North students. Every story we record is true. We started this podcast to give our peers an outlet to share their stories. This podcast is about bringing light to the finer details of our peers. We are open to submissions from all grade levels and we release a new episode every other Wednesday. If you have a five-minute story that you think is interesting or important to tell, go to the Newtonite website or fill out our form at tinyurl.com/miamaspodcast.

Episode 2: Molly’s Story

Sophomore Molly Greenwold talks about her brother, a math prodigy, and her struggle to recognize her self-worth. Listen below.

Story and podcast compiled by Maya Demissie and Sophie Fredberg.