Massachusetts Board of Education meets at North


Sophie Murthy

The Massachusetts Board of Education met in the auditorium Tuesday, April 23. The April or May meeting is traditionally held at the student representative’s school. This is the first time the Board of Education has held a meeting at North.

The board is comprised of ten government-appointed members and one student representative, who is elected yearly and represents all students in Massachusetts. Senior Maya Mathews is the student representative and has held the position for one year.

“The meeting is held at the student’s school to celebrate the work and public service of the student board member, which is the official definition,” Mathews said.

According to Mathews, there are thirty minutes reserved for public comment at every meeting, and many attendants at this meeting brought up concerns regarding the question that was removed from the Grade 10 ELA MCAS. The board verbally agreed to have a discussion about the MCAS test in the near future, according to Mathews.

During the meeting, the Board of Education discussed changing the process of obtaining an IEP, talked about the state education budget for the 2020 school year, and looked at reports on underperforming schools.