Humor for Humanity raises money for Puerto Rico Service trip


Emily Dhadly

Comedian Jimmy Tingle led a Humor for Humanity fundraiser, intermixing jokes about political parties and participating in one’s community, Friday, March 22, in the auditorium for Mass Nine for the 9th’s service trip to Puerto Rico this Saturday, April 6.

Humor for Humanity, founded by Tingle, is a social enterprise that uses entertainment to raise money for various causes. Friday evening’s performance consisted of stand-up comedy routines by Tingle, special education teacher Corey Percival, and instructional technology specialist Chris Murphy.

“I think it’s great. It’s very inspiring,” Tingle said. “I love seeing young people being active, being of service, and helping other people. It’s a commitment to society and people that they don’t even know.”

Carpentry teacher Garrett Tingle, Jimmy’s brother, is the co-founder of Mass Nine for the 9th, an organization of carpentry instructors and students from Newton. The money raised from the silent auction, raffle, and ticket admission at the event will go to the Puerto Rico service trip, where carpentry students will rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Maria.

“I went last year to New Orleans and it’s a similar trip. It’s a new scenario and new families affected by the tragedy,” said junior Jacob Teszler. “I saw the good work that we did last year in New Orleans and it made me inspired to go again and help people out.”

The three comedic performances had the audience in constant laughter with jokes, mixing in encouragement for people to “get involved and help their community,” according to Jimmy Tingle.

“When you do something as a comic or an entertainer, it’s a great thing when you can connect with the audience,” Tingle added. “It’s more meaningful and gratifying when you are doing it for others and with others as well as yourself.”