Freshmen elect student council representatives


Isabella Lecona

Freshmen voted to decide their student council representatives on Oct. 4, electing Rebecca Yao as president, and Inez Baxter, Sophie Fredberg, Elis Kristo, and Ethan Situ were voted in as vice presidents. SFA members are Hannah Hicks, Elis Kristo, and Arjun Shatkin, with Jay Sapers-Sydney as an alternate.
“I’m really excited for the year ahead. Every candidate had strong ideas that will help our class,” said freshman Alex Katz.
Each candidate brought new ideas to the table on how to improve class spirit and overall school environment.
Among her many responsibilities as president, Yao emphasized the importance of representing student voices and raising money for junior and senior proms. Yao proposed hosting bake sales, movie nights, and possibly a school dance as a means for fundraising.
Fredberg aims to make North a welcoming place for all students and “run events that can bring the class together and have everyone feel included.”
On the SFA, where students work to improve the school with faculty and administration, Shatkin said that he hopes to create a school policy that works to limit stress for incoming students, and plans to “advocate and make buses come at the start and end of X-blocks.”
Yao said that she is grateful to be elected and hopeful for the coming year. “Thanks to all who supported my campaign. I’m looking forward to being your class president, and hope that this year will be a great one.”