Storm causes floods on first floor


Custodians and guidance aides block the arts corridor and courtyard due to the flood. (Photo by Joelle Sugianto)

Zoe Goldstein

Water flooded from drainpipes down the hallway near the arts courtyard during d-block Tuesday morning after heavy rain. Campus aides and school administration blocked off those hallways and the G and H stairways.
According to Beals House dean Scott Heslin, because of the “amount of rain, the drains filled and water started coming out.” He added that the original drainpipe that overflowed was in the art hallway, and the water continued down the ramp toward the theater entrance.
Firemen came to the building during g-block to check the electrical systems and help the custodians, who, according to campus aide Nicole Mitchell, are “working hard” to clean the area by vacuuming up the water.
Campus aide John Staulo added that “when it rains that hard, that fast, and for that long,” something is bound to happen.
He emphasized that safety is the priority during the rest of the process.
Another ceramics student, sophomore John Jessiman, said he was one of the first to be told class was canceled.  
“I went to the classroom and the ground was flooded,” Jessiman said.  “I looked through the window and saw my teacher in her room in boots with water almost up to her ankles.”  
Sophomore Amelia Cohen, who takes ceramics, said students were not told when classes would resume.  
“We weren’t told when class would begin again,” Cohen said.  “I’m a little upset by the fact that class was canceled mainly because we can’t continue our projects.”