Art Morning exhibits creative student artwork


Students admire senior self portraits during Art Morning. (Photo by Lilah Gentry)

Carolyn McDonald

North artists displayed their artwork to the North community and inspired students to create their own art during Art Morning starting at 7 a.m. and running throughout the school day on May 11.
Every year, the art and ceramics rooms fill with students, teachers, and parents admiring the work, and outside in the courtyard, students make pinch pots and draw with chalk.
“I think that Art Morning is a great opportunity for students to share their passion for art, and I’m glad that I was a part of it,” said sophomore Ella Bailey.
Senior Zoe Lee said that her favorite part of art morning is making chalk murals. “We’ve done one for the past three years and it’s my absolute favorite tradition at North. I think that it’s the perfect piece to make art interactive for people.”
One particularly interesting piece that caught many students’ attention was a collection of Bailey’s photography, which included candid shots of people and animals. The collection featured intricate lighting that added an element of drama to the photos.
“My collection of photos for Art Morning includes many pieces from different points throughout the past year. I chose them based off of how well they show who I am as an artist, and I’m really happy with how the board came together.”
Photo students also displayed their “screenshot project,” for which students screenshotted what they found to be intriguing and worthy of a picture on their phone. This project is unconventional because the students’ did not have to visit these places themselves. “We were asked to go on Google Street View and use the software to capture a picture with creative lighting and angles,” said sophomore Sammy Schrager.
Sophomore Maggie Needham made an exquisite collage of herself. The background was made up of pictures of trees in the background, and her face was made of different pieces of cut up white paper. The picture showcased how much time art students put into their work.
Another student favorite was Lee’s paintings. She made four paintings that were displayed in the hallway outside the ceramics room. “What inspired me to make these pieces was my friends. Each panel is a portrait of one of my friends from the senior art major class. I added elements that I felt like showcased their personalities.”