Ramiro Torres from JAM'N 94.5 runs with Dreamfar High School Marathon team

The Newtonite

by Kristina Zagame
Radio talk show host Ramiro Torres from JAM’N 94.5 will be training alongside high school students from the Dreamfar High School Marathon (DHSM) team every Saturday in preparation for the Providence Marathon, according to student teacher Drew Pierce, this school’s team adviser.

DHSM is an organization of students and adult mentors that train throughout the year for the 26.2-mile marathon in May. The program hopes to build character and improve the health of students, as well as teach the benefits of goal setting and hard work to achieve success, according to its website.
DHSM president and founder Jamie Chaloff got the idea for Torres to train with the team after hearing him talk on the radio about running. She emailed him and he responded within a day looking for more information, according to Chaloff.
“He got really excited about mentoring,” said.
Chaloff, a Special Education teacher at South, started Dreamfar in 2008.  Since then, this school, along with Brookline and Sharon High Schools have joined the organization, Pierce said.
Last year, over 40 students from the four high schools completed either the half or full marathon along with over 30 adult mentors, he said.
 “Teaching proper training and nutrition, we gradually increase the distance of our training runs throughout the year,” Pierce said.
“Dreamfar High School Marathon team is a great way to be healthy, have fun, and meet other high school students,” he said.
This school’s team will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays after school with Pierce and senior Manny Lopez, the captain, beginning Tuesday.
All of the high schools involved will meet at Brookline High School on Saturday mornings to complete longer runs, Pierce said.
DHSM is open to all students who are not involved in varsity sports during the winter and spring season, he added.