Tigers defeat Dedham, swimmers try new events

The Newtonite

Photos by Jay Feinstein and Nina Kaplan
by Jay Feinstein
At home Tuesday, the Tigers defeated Dedham, 96-80, bringing their record to 5-3-1. As a result of the meet, now, the Tigers have a winning record.
A highlight of the meet was the 200 freestyle. “We swept it, placing first second and third,” said coach Kirsten Tuohy. All three swimmers had a 2:22 time, finishing within 1/2 second of each other.
Another highlight was diving. “It was very competitive,” she said. The Tigers placed first and second. Junior Ariana Paone earned 227.85 points, and sophomore Monica Kieff  earned 224.02 points.
Many of the Tigers swam in events that they have not swam in yet or have not swam in often.
This was the case for freshman Katerina Shirokova, who  achieved a personal record in the 500 freestyle. “Her time has come down significantly, and I’m sure that she can cut it down even more,” Tuohy said. “She found an event where she can be very successful.”
Senior Tao Bach swam the  500 freestyle, an event that she does not normally swim.  “She swam a really consistent race,” Tuohy said. “If she keeps working at it, she could drop another 10 seconds.”
As a goal for next meet, the Tigers are hoping to improve their relay times, said Tuohy. “It will place us better for the conference meet.”