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Improv Jam promises night of laughter

Improve Club rehearses a scene

(Photo by Molly Potter)

Audience members will participate in various acting games at Improv Club’s night of laughter at Improv Jam at 7 p.m., January 19 in the Little Theater.
The first 72 audience members to perform will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win Theatre Ink season passes, water bottles, and t-shirts.
“It’s not a scripted show. It’s just comedy. There are no lines. If it’s open scenes let’s say, you create yourself a character on the spot. The other person creates a character on the spot. You guys create a scene together,” explains senior Andrew Hastings, who is a co-officer of the Improv Club.
Club members rehearsed for the show by playing improv games at their Monday and Thursday X-block meetings, although actors mostly improvise. In addition to preparing for the show, actors are able to build up their confidence and improvisation skills, according to Hastings.
“You can’t sit in the classroom and learn how to do it. You have to get up and see what happens in the moment,” Hastings explained.
One of the games, called Spin Offs, features a God-like host, who changes and creates scenes. For example, senior Clare Donohoe, who is also co-officer of the club explained, “if there are these two people who are saying they want to get married, the host can say I want to see their wedding and switch that scene.”
Hastings said the only rules are “no scenes with controversial topics or no swearing because it’s a family show.” He added, “Sometimes, that stuff happens and it’s fun. Any type of scene is expected to happen.”
Junior Téa Baum said, “Get ready to laugh.”

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