Model UN seniors win awards at Brown University Simulation of the United Nations


Photo courtesy of Alex Kelsey-Ramos

Samantha Fredberg

Model United Nations received various honors at the Brown University Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN) last weekend, creating an “incredible experience for the club,” according to senior Lukas Alexander, a Secretary General with senior Max Teszler.
Alexander, who participated in the United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA) at the conference, was selected for the “Best Delegate” award by the chair of his committee. Teszler was awarded an “Honorable Delegate.”
“Model UN is about teamwork, sharing, and collaboration,” Alexander said. “Because of this, I was honored to be chosen because it reflects the collaboration that occurred.”

Photo courtesy of Alex Kelsey-Ramos

According to sophomore Alex Kelsey-Ramos, a club member, the group performed better at BUSUN compared to last year. “The club had an increased amount of participants, resulting in more engaging committees,” he said. “However, I feel that last year there was a stronger support system to help new delegates adjust to Model UN.”
The team not only felt accomplished in terms of awards but also in terms of bonding, according to Alexander. “Over the course of three days, the team was able to get closer and learn more about each other. This year, that was one of my goals as the Secretary General of the club, and I am so proud of the team,” he said.
The conference, being the first of the year, was a showcase of new talent and gave the team an idea of what the rest of the year will look like, according to Kelsey-Ramos.
“For some, it was one of their last conferences, and for others on the trip, it was their first,” Alexander said. “This conference gave Newton North the ability to grow as speakers, and work with new people who they didn’t know before the weekend.”
The team will next attend the Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN) conference Jan. 25. Alexander hopes that club members perfect their public speaking and skill of writing resolutions. “Perfecting these two skills will help us perform better at future conferences,” he said.