Freshman class officers focus on class spirit, student voice


Rose Skylstad

In their first ever elections at North, freshmen voted for their class officers last Tuesday during C-block.
The class of 2021 elected freshman Keshav Desibhatla for president. Freshman Skyler Bohnert, Veer Gadodia, Neva Hsu, Caitlin Kontaridis and Catalina Powderly won the co-vice presidency. The class also elected Jocelyn Sun, Isaac Tang and Kevin Wu as SFA members, with Charlotte Holland as an alternative.
“One of my most important goals as class president is to make sure that everyone is always comfortable in their environment,” Desibhatla said. “It’s important that everyone feels safe and united as a class,” he added.
Desibhatla said that he has many objectives for this year, including creative fundraising events. He described a plan to create “Tiger Bux” to incentivise attendance at class events. In this system, any ticket purchase for an event will include a free raffle ticket for such prizes as Amazon gift cards, according to Desibhatla.
Gadodia also emphasized the importance of “encouraging a safer community where everyone is able to share their opinions regardless of who they are.”
Similarly, Bohnert said that he hopes to “create a better learning environment for all” as a vice president.
While the president and vice presidents primarily work to fundraise and promote class spirit, the SFA members represent their class to make reforms and changes in school policy.
Sun described the importance of the student voice and student representation in the SFA. “In a school full of students, it’s very important that students have a say,” said Sun. “If we don’t get to say anything about what we want, then it’s sort of a dictatorship.”
Likewise, math teacher Rachel Mingos, who organizes student elections, said, “it’s really important that the students’ voices are heard, and that they have the opportunity, through SFA to set policy and voice their opinions from the student perspective, and try to enact change.”